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@Annabellethecat66.  I share your back woes and completely understand how it limits your lifestyle and activities.  I could never engage in any volunteer activity that required much walking or standing.  I'm lucky if I can get from the parking lot to a building without having to sit twice.  I'm not really into babies but a job as a baby rocker sounds as though it would be perfect for you.  You have such a soft heart.

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We love Peddlers Village.  I am planning a trip there next weekend.  We have used the C&B restaurant for many familiar occasions and love the Sunday brunch.


The carousel is amazing.  I take my GD there just to walk around, ride the carousel and this time enjoy the holiday shoppes.


I lived in this area before I relocated .I went to the re-enactment of Washington Crossing the Delaware ever year.  There's a lot of history in the area.  


I like the small "outlet" area of nice stores they have across the street from Peddlers Village & in the shops I like the kitchen store.




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@Annabellethecat66 ....I would love to have a place to go and cuddle babies. Our hospital is small and if there is a sick infant they are transferred out, so we do not have a cudde volunteer group.  I have considered contacting a hospital about an hour from me to see if they have a program for baby cuddlers.


I have never met a baby I didn't want to hold and cuddle!

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Peddler's Village has been a tourist destination for decades.  It's a quaint little area in the New Hope area.  Lovely shops, restaurants, very old stone buildings, and always a favorite throughtout the year.  In a sense, it reminds me of Colonial Williamsburg.  There is a canal and a number of historic landmarks both there and nearby.


As for Stacy, she is a professional model.  I have seen her in a number of commercials for a variety of products.  For example, she has appeared in a commercial for Independence Blue Cross, an insurance company in the Philadelphia area.  The commercials don't have anythung to do with QVC.  

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I love Peddler's village---used to go twice a year.  Started out in New Hope to have breakfast at Mothers.

Then on to Peddler's Village---spent the day shopping and ended the day with dinner.



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The UConn Health Center not far from where I live has a volunteer program for baby cuddlers.  There is a very long list of applicants.  This is also the site of the university’s medical and dental schools, as well.  The only thing I would add - and I know it sounds so negative, but so true - is that you would be dealing with some very frail and sick babies.  I think that would just tear my heart out, but blessings to those who can do this.

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Peddler's Village isn't a "shopping center". Peddler's Village is a little town nestled between Doylestown and New Hope. PV has little quaint shops and restaurants and Giggleberry (an old indoor carousel for kids). It is surrounded by open land/farms. 


There is an outlet portion across the street made up of a few stores (Coach is one of them. It used to be bustling but no longer. Most stores on hat side have left).


I don't see how QVC is "pushing" PV? This is a popular destination in the Philly area and there are events throughout the year there. There is a fall Pumpkin Festival, Gingerbread Houses, Christmas Tree Lighting, Spring Events, Murder Mystery Dinners...on and on.