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My cell is Apple and my laptop is Microsoft. When I take pics, they rarely show up in my computer photos and if I do try to post them here, even if I size down, it says they're too large to post. What am I doing wrong?


***Any pics posted before I had my laptop were from my Apple IPad.

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Comparing apples to oranges, shanus. (Not referring to your phone brand.)


When you post a pix and choose between full size, medium, small, that refers to the physical size that'll appear on the screen.


Message "too big" refers to space, like digital space, of the thing you're tying to transfer.


Hope someone with better techie jargon can restate that.  But you're confusing two dissimilar measures of "size".


Edit to add: after rereading your post a few times, I'm not sure I interpreted it correctly.

Lol.  This'll be interesting.

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Try asking @dooBdoo .

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 Do you know the size(space in mb or smaller) of the picture you are trying to post?  If not, maybe keep reducing it down a very small size? 


I have had to do this many times to pictures sent to me that were too big to add as an attachment to my email. I just kept reducing it down to the "kb or mb" till it sent them. I always first send them to myself to see that they actually fit.


I haven't put pictures on here for a few years, and with using my tablet 99% of the time? I don't even have access to pictures I might want to add. Plus, I would have to go back and reread my own instructions on how to do it.




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Pics posted here need to be 1.5 MB or less.  I always transfer from my phone to my computer (Android to Mac), bring the photo up in the default picture viewing software for my computer, and edit the size in Tools before posting here.  I often do a Copy of the main subject of the photo and Paste to New which will also make it smaller, similar to cropping.