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@Catiele wrote:

A lesson I learned from my Dad along time ago. Started my first job at 16. My first paycheck we went to the local bank. I opened an account. It was a lesson I never forgot. Spend some save some.    Thanks Dad.

@Catiele  A lesson that was lost on me unfortunately.  And so now I pay for not saving some and spending some.  A lesson learned late in life, now I have to play catchup quickly.

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@Snowhite714   It is always a work in progress. Went out today and bought things I really didn’t need.

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@Pqfan wrote:

I wasted thousands of dollars on stuff I didn’t want. I get sick thinking about it. I was unhappy and shopped to feel better after my mom died . It didn’t work of course. I got a little better but time did that not shopping. Now I am wiser and broke. ☹️😢

@Pqfan So very sorry for your loss.  I know how you feel but you cannot keep beating yourself up.  It won't help.  Let's just move on.  We've learned from our mistakes and life goes on. 


Right now I'm going through the process of sorting thru my QVC purchases of clothing, cosmetics, hair accessories, electronics, etc. made over the past few years.  Most of this stuff has not been worn or used.  I have NO place to put this stuff so I must reduce the clutter.  Mind you I work from home, only going into the office once a month if that often.  I used to go out on weekends to run errands (i.e., grocery shopping), but no longer do that for reasons much too complicated to get into right now.  Instead grocery shopping is done through PeaPod, Amazon Fresh, etc.  Anyway I tell you all this to show how I too have wasted thousands of dollars unneccessarily.  I don't need all the clothes that I've bought and continue to buy.


Do not beat yourself up, you are not alone; not that that helps your situation any.  But you are not alone.  Sounds like you have turned the corner, give yourself a pat on the back for seeing the error of your ways.  Okay you're broke, sorry to hear that but you'll recover, you have learned a lesson and hopefully will not repeat your mistakes.  Good luck and much success to you @Pqfan.

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@lovesrecess wrote:

I don’t have a “ stash” of anything. I buy a bottle of shampoo. When I am  about to run out, I buy another one. I don’t have a space or a need for a dozen bottles, or a gallon, of shampoo.
I have no “gift closet”. My garbage man will have to wait a long time for his Christmas gift.
I have everything I need. I don’t need everything I want...and I know the difference.

Gosh, I wish I could develop this mindset. I have a weakness for bath, body, and hair care products. I have a stash of body creams and lotions that will last me about 4 years.          (I can't resist a good sale.)