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@chrystaltree Is 60 and SEXY next on the horizon?

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@Boomernichols wrote:

@chrystaltree Is 60 and SEXY next on the horizon?



At this rate they should call it 60 and senile.  

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I listen to my Google Nest at night, podcasts and or syndicated radio shows.

Last night, in 2 hours, 8 times was an advertisement by the Q, with Rachel Boesig promoting the 50 and Fabulous.

I don't understand this campaign, or the soap box for turning 50.

What came to mind is that a host decided and made up the campaign.

To me, just another waste of time and money. 

Not promoting HOSTS but let's just sell good quality items/products 

The Q to me is always a power grab for attention. Look at me. 

Like many, I'm turned off and I click off.