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Good idea to wash veggies and fruit before eating..have you seen who may have handled the stuff before you eat it?


( Just look around the store...the customers AND the employees and the truck unloaders and the inside of the tractor trailer walls that they were shipped in, the belt you lay your purchases on....)


I wash cucumbers, zuchini, yellow squash, lemons and oranges used for zest or juice or slices on food, ANY hard skinned fruit or veggies with warm clean dish soap and water and small brush. GENTLY just to clean it...then rinse well in hot water.



For stuff that will cooked or broiled, like brocolli,aparagus, cauliflour, stuff with crags and crannies, I dip in the soapy water, swish it, then rinse well. The high temps from cooking will kill anything on it.


Lettuce and loose spinach (which I only eat cooked) I rinse several times in clean water.


None of the methods above will hurt the veggie or fruit, and I only included the things I eat regularly!