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Ha!  I'm another one that thinks the dog idea is great!  They love you unconditionally, don't care about your looks, and come to you, no strings attached!!!


Seriously, though, you could try the on-line thing and like others said, if you don't find it working for you, join some clubs and maybe try meeting someone that way.  Or look into singles groups in your area, where everyone is in the same boat.    One thing I would do if I was in your position, would be to make it clear right from the beginning that you want to get to know the person slowly...not rushing into anything.  I'd also start by doing things like meeting for coffee during the day, going to a movie, walking in the park, etc. 


Good luck!

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@dreamieLil wrote:

@qvc chick wrote:

I am divorced for several years, and am thinking of trying on line dating.  Has anyone had any luck with it?  And which website is the best....Match, Eharmony, etc?


Would appreciate any tips you can give me.  I am in my late 50's and this is a new world for me!!  I don't even know how to write up a profile.  I really want to start dating but its very scary, so much is different today than 35 years ago when I last dated.

Thanks in advance for any info/help you can offer.

@qvc chick


Hi! Smiley Happy  Many posters replied to your February thread about the same topic:


"Anyone have luck with online dating sites?? "



qvc chick  

‎02-07-2017 11:16 AM



"I am in my mid 50's, and divorced for a number of years. My only daughter is about to move out on her own, and I am not used to living alone...

Would love to try out one of the dating sites....I am hearing good things about, also E-Harmony.

Anyone tried these sites? What one do you prefer? Any luck meeting someone?

Please - let me know your ideas! This is all very new to me.""



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Oh good grief .... what is THAT about?

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haven't tried any of them but have seen ads for one that is restricted to people 50 or over.  I think it is called Our Time.  YOu may want to add it to the others you are considering.

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QVC chick, Shawn Kilinger has said she met her husband on e harmony. They appear to be a lovely couple. 

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I've heard good and bad.....give it a try...but just be cautious...

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I met a guy on and he was the nicest guy I have ever known (However, I didn't live with him).  We did not continue the relationship due to distance and schedules.


I met one at Church.  He persued me.  We dated for about a year, had a wonderful time, cooking together, dancing, going out to eat, just great......then the monster came out!  Big Anger problem.  It started with his grandson and just didn't subside!  Wound up pushing me out the door, 3 steps high, and landing tore the meniscus in my right leg and had to have surgery.  Yep, met him at church.  Handsome guy!

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@qvc chick My brother's widow cannot stand to be alone. (She has two dogs, already. LOL). She needs a man in her life. When my brother passed away, she waited a "respectable" amount of time and signed up with She is currently married to this new man and they seem to be  compatible. I advised her to have a prenup done before she married him because my brother left her very well off financially. She said she did. I hope continued happiness for her. She made my brother very happy.

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