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Hate snakes.  News story this morning shows this woman in Warrenton VA was driving to lunch and a snake slithers out of her A/C vent.  She calls Animal Control and they can't get it out bc it's now under her seat and keeps slithering when they try to get it.  She has lunch, drives back to work, and leaves the snake in the car, goes back to work and comes out and drives back home.  


She buys one of those glue traps at the hardware store and her husband later that day finds it stuck hard to one of those - still under the seat but since it can't slither away he's able to get it out.  


That car would have sat in my work's parking lot until someone got it out. She said the whole way home she was pounding her feet on the floorboard so it'd be too scared to show itself.  Me, well after I had a heart attack I'd have probably sold the car!   


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I would have just set the car on fire!

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@pigletsmom wrote:

I would have just set the car on fire!

That was my first thought. Lol unless I jumped out of a moving car!!

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I hope the snake was okay. Those glue traps are nasty, trapping an animal until it starves to death. I would've thought, once she was home, she could've just left the car doors open.


And at least she wouldn't have to worry about mice in her car!


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No way could I have got back into that car!!

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Re: OMG! News Story

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I would have most likely driven off the road, screaming loud enough so that people 5 miles away would have heard me, flipped the car over while hitting a guardrail or some other object because my foot would have been frozen to the gas pedal.


Still screaming, I would have forgotten my seat belt was still in place as I tried to exit the car; not being able to I would have been convinced that the snake was wrapping itself with glee to hold me back with the intent to horrify me even more as it hides behind the deployed airbag.


Eventually the screaming would have stopped but not before the last bits of hair that have not turned silver were now either falling out or snow white.


Of course, my cell phone would be beyond my reach; eventually a semi-cooler head would prevail as I crawl out of the car and run down the road (more like limp down the road with my hip) waving frantically at passing motorists, all the while shuddering as I brush myself off in case the snake managed to hitch on to me when I left the car.


Eventually somebody stops and calls 9-1-1 and offers me a bottle of water.  I still cannot cohenrently explain about the snake; the motorist thinks it's just a "regular" car accident.


The EMTs arrive along with the police; I am having trouble saying "s-s-s-snake" but it doesn't matter.  They think I am in shock from the accident.


I continue brushing myself off and by now they think I'm on meth or something and I must be hallucinating insects on me; couple that with my wide eyes, now dirty clothes, and my hair most likely fluffed out from the shock-I look not so much like a person who just had an accident but a person who drove under the influence of some type of drug.


At least my cell phone wasn't in my hand; they would have figured texting was involved somehow.


I pray the car cannot be salvaged because I just know that snake had a family squatting in it.


Later DH and family will have a good chuckle at my expense; that's ok.  Because if that snake could mock me, I guess it's ok for the loved ones to do the same.

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LOL! LOL! Too funny!

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I would be screaming all day long!


Horrifying to me.

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What they said!

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Ah... but just take a moment to consider what the world would be like without the snake.


A much maligned creature, unfortunately.


(I'd post a snake photo but I get the feeling it wouldn't be appreciated. Woman LOL)

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