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Re: Not important, yet annoying

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Has anyone of you tape challenged ever tried one of those one-handed tape tools?   Easiest thing ever.  Rolls the tape right on and the perforated edge cuts it right off.  Easy as pie

It's what i use too.


I use "red" duct tape when I run out of the clear packing tape. Smiley Tongue

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Re: Not important, yet annoying

@KingstonsMom wrote:

My frustration is trying to hold the box closed  with one hand and while trying to get the packing tape on with my other hand, it twists and the tape sticks to itself and tangles.


So, I have to cut it off and start all over.


I swear I waste as much packing tape as I actually use.


And then when I finally get it taped up, nice and secure, I realize I forgot to put the return packing slip inside.........sigh.

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Re: Not important, yet annoying

I probably one of those annoying experiences 5 or 6 times a day.  

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Re: Not important, yet annoying

I crochet and sell baby blankets for charity.  I purchased those plastic mailing bags from Amazon.  It generally costs a little less to ship with them, rather than boxes and it's so easy. All I need to do is peel the strip of tape and voila!  It's done and ready to ship!  I highly recommend them if you do a lot of packing.

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