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I understand how you feel.  I hate not being able to see family and friends face to face.  We are hunkered down but OMG I hate it.  I have had several days when all I could do was cry.  I didn't get up until noon today because I couldn't sleep last night.  I normally am up by 8:00.  Today was a beautiful day here and I managed to be outside most of the afternoon.  I pray this is over soon.  I miss my family and friends so much. I sometimes feel we will never be normal again.  

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@rms1954  You need to call your doctor if you are crying all day -- that is a sign of depression and so is the sleeping late.  Don't be getting upset about what is going on in the world because that is out of your hands.  Just take care of yourself, talk to friends and again, call your doctor.  Take care.

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@rms1954  Lots of good advice here from great folks.  Perhaps your health care provider can offer some additional suggestions.  


I personally suggest limiting T.V. time and internet time.  It can consume you.  


I wonder if making a daily "to-do" list might help.  It can just be little things to do, but easy things to accomplish.  Sometimes starting with little things gets you back on track.  Maybe set the alarm clock say for 10 a.m., then do a planned task at that time.  Then do the same thing in the afternoon.  Little things.....


Write a letter

Clean a drawer

Bake a delicious treat!

Shred old papers

Take a short walk for just 20 minutes

Work on a puzzle

Send a card to someone and thank them for something, such as their great smile or silly jokes.

Plan a container garden and order some seeds

Research your ancestry

Give yourself a manicure

What else?


You know, sometimes I have to remind myself to change my thinking from "oh no, today I have to...", to "oh geez, today I Get  to....".  Does that make sense?


Hope that helps a little!  Wishing you a better day tomorrow!




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I'm witnessing the most wonderful people here in this board. @rms1954 , they/we are here for you.  We are here for each other during this extraordinarily stressful time.  It can all feel so overwhelming, but please reach for the support around you.  

It's OK not to feel all sunshine all at once. Find small amounts of time to enjoy something, talk to someone, or find a little peace. We'll get through this.


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@rms1954  So sorry your not doing well right now. I haven’t been doing so great myself. So I get it. But last Wednesday I got in my car and drove around and listened to the radio. So many great songs came on The Rolling Stones Beast of Burden came on and I turned it up and for some silly reason it made me feel better. I think it put me back in a better place. But like someone else suggested please get in touch with your doctor. They can help. Stay safe 😘

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@rms1954   I am sorry to read that things have not gotten better since the last time you posted.  If anything, things sound worse.  Are tensions rising with your DH?  Is there anyone you can contact like a close family member.  Talk with them, reach out to them?  I hesitated to ask in my last post to you, but I have to now, are you afraid for your safety?  Have things escalated?  You may need to reach out to authorities if things are that bad.  


There have been many good suggestions here and if you are safe, please give a few of them a try.  First, turn off the news.  Things aren't going to change that much if you don't watch for a few day.  Try to get outside and walk like you were doing.  If you have a good book, read it.  Use it as a temporary escape.  Watch a movie or a comedy.....the game show network....something light hearted.  It really does a person good to forget the troubles going on around them for awhile.


I am keeping you in my prayers and hope that you are continuing to pray for strength, too.  


Stay in touch!!

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Please hang in there IMtep.  Look around you and find something you  love  Have that first cup of coffee or tea then put on your shoes and walk around the block.  I cry too, we have a right with all that is going on.  I just rip through that closet or spray everything till it sparkles, oh yes I've resorted to cleaning out drawers.  I have fake candles I turn on and sit with some chocolate.  Would love to share a treat with you but I'll just enjoy our shared thoughts.  You can do it.  We are there for you.

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@rms1954 Hugs

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Re: Not Doing Well At All

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@rms1954 wrote:

Today.  I thought I was doing OK for a couple weeks now, but yesterday I slept until noon.  So not like me.  I haven't been able to bring myself to do my daily exercises for four days now.  And I've been crying all day.  I can't stop.  I don't know why or what to do.  I can't stand it much longer.  


I just don't know how to deal with it any more.  



I totaly understand how you feel.  Unfortunately, I'm an insomniac -- so, when you said you slept until noon, --- THAT made me sad because I can't sleep!  I WISH I could sleep until noon!  Anyway, back to you ---
I get really bad anxiety attacks and HAVE TO leave the house.  But I have a dog, so, I just get the dog and we roll.  THE SUN makes me feel better.  And the movement .. walking.  Today, we got in the car and drove to a park and walked ... it was very sunny and warm.

So, try going outside and getting some sun.  (Hopefully, you don't live in Alaska or Seattle, or anywhere foggy.)

On a day like today, if I didn't have a bad hip, I would've ridden my bike.

Going outside and moving makes a big difference!

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I do teletherapy, you may want to look into that. If you have a pcp, you may want to tell them how your are feeling, medicine might help you feel better.
Therapy and medication saved my life.


I agree with you, @rms1954, this is very hard. Its unlike anything we have known, it happened so fast its hard to process, for me anyway.