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Re: No Turkey for Thanksgiving

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There's something about the aroma of the turkey in the oven filling the whole house that just soothes my soul...

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Re: No Turkey for Thanksgiving

Those who don't want the hassle of cooking a whole turkey and/or don't need/want a whole lotta turkey can buy a turkey breast to cook. Much less work. Unless you just don't like or want turkey period. I can think of several things I'd enjoy on Thanksgiving as an alternative. Spaghetti and meatballs would not be one of them.

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Re: No Turkey for Thanksgiving

We're having a Honey Baked Ham. I'll pick it up Wednesday morning. No turkey for us. 

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Re: No Turkey for Thanksgiving

@CelticCrafter, Let's say 1:00 pm. Dress casual -- jeans are fine. p.s. please bring dessert! Happy Thanksgiving.
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Re: No Turkey for Thanksgiving

@Mz iMac wrote:

I have never in my life ate turkey for Thanksgiving.  Our family ate turkey just about every week. 

Instead, we had duck or venison.  As we got older we went to restaurants on turkey day that served those items.  This tridition has carried on....



I "normally" spend turkey day at a casino resort.  I like to be served, not to be the server. Smiley Happy



FWIW, my 17yr old GS called me this morning.  He wants to have a "Nana" turkey day.  So my daughter & SIL are shipping him off to me this weekend.  GS always had the traditional turkey day at the other grands.


 @Mz iMac, that's exactly where my DH and I will be this year - Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.  A little gambling and a nice dinner in one of the many restaurants.


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Re: No Turkey for Thanksgiving

Me, GS & SO will be at Harrah's Casino Resort for 4 nights.


I'll birdiewave.gif to you & DH while eating my Peking Duck on turkey day.

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Re: No Turkey for Thanksgiving

@GCR18 wrote:

My sister is cooking for thanksgiving.  She announced last week we were having chicken pot pie from a local restaurant.  Today she asked if I'd rather have turkey.  I guess we won't know for sure until Wednesday.  My sister doesn't like to rush into anything.  rollingf[1].gif




I like the chicken pot pie.  Is this pot pie the kind that comes in a pie shell ? or the chicken and noodle variety.


My Son and his GF will be coming by for brunch  I try to make a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal for them because they will have it at the other Family members home.  


I am visiting with friends later in day - so there is no avoiding the turkey.


I used to make it all but I never know how I will be feeling so I stick to what is easiest to make.

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Re: No Turkey for Thanksgiving

I mostly make a Turkey for Thanksgiving mainly because it's part of DH's Thanksgiving history, he loves the dinner.  But my Mother was from England and she never celebrated Thanksgiving but we did so for my Dad.... but we'd have all kinds of different things like Duck or Lamb (my Mother grew her own Mint and made her own Mint sauce)..... but later before my Dad passed, I would make Lasagna mainly because he could eat it (and he loved it).... so my family has been all over the map for Thanksgiving dinner...


This year it's Turkey....

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Re: No Turkey for Thanksgiving

I am hosting 25 people in my home this year. I will be serving fried turkey and honey ham. Yum!

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Re: No Turkey for Thanksgiving

Actually my DH & I are thinking of doing a Thanksgiving breakfast, LOL, Cracker Barrel is opened in our city, we are thinking of going there, it will be just the two of us, we love breakfast!