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@rac71 wrote:

I wanted to follow up without continting a thread hijack. 


My father her has always been an emotionally abusive mysogynist and the family dynamic, including extended family, has my younger brother established as the golden child and me as the poison pill and scapegoat.


Less than two weeks after my mother's death, he demanded all her possessions be immediately removed from the house. I was ordered to do it, and take more time off of teaching to supervise anyone who came in. One, I was already in a financial hole having exceeded maximum leave, and two, I wasn't ready. But whatever the screaming man wants, he gets. So my aunt came and I was continually yelled at, as well as having my finances pried into by both of them. Then things disappeared from my bedroom. Legal papers and such. A month later my father told me my aunt had accused me of stealing from my dead mother. There were lots of threats  of arrest and he had constructed a fantasy of having seen me arrested by police a prior time.


The only thefts were theirs. They took my legal papers, birth certificate, car title, and my belongings that had been in the family safe deposit box and deprived me of access. When I threatened to notify the police myself is when the accusafion came out. My father was also under the delusion that I earn 25-30K more a year than I do, because he read it on the net. This contributed to his belief that I steal and would steal every penny of his so I had to be controlled. While I don't meet any of the legal definitions that would allow one to establish a monitored trust, he found an attorney to draft one with an unnamed supervising trustee. In order to qualify I would have to be a legal child, of diminished mental capacity, or in arrears for $250,000 or more. My attorney friends were completely baffled by the questionable legality.


This was all March through May. My father played suicidal for attention and his brother told me it was my fault. That I wasn't doing anything and was whining about a back injury from my car accident. The back injury was for heavy lifting to remove things from the house. In the meantime, my father decided to stop eating, and was self-medicating with Benadryl and Xanax. As a result, he passed out and fell on this face. This is what got me hit with the accusations from my father and my uncle.


I knew when my mother died that he would turn all the abusive rage on me. He alienates the outside world and wallows in self-pity. Always has. At 74 he still resents the high school guidance counselor who told him not to apply for an MIT scholarship. Instead he went to U of A, where he met my mom, but he still believes that counselor ruined his life. Now my mother has ruined his life by dying. He refers to her as his "former" wife.


Even if I could afford it, I don't think there's enough money in the world to compensate someone for being a paid whipping boy, which is what he wants.


Any time I get away for a few hours or days, I am accused by my brother and the rest of the family of abandoning him. No one else is willing to take a turn, though David fakes that he does to the family. This trip I took was planned and postponed multiple times since thanksgiving because of my mother's death and then his urgent frailty. A dear friend was diagnosed with acute stage 4, and I decided I wasn't waiting until her funeral to see her again. Too many deaths. Originally my mom was going to come with me. I was gone four days and my dad called and emailed constantly. When I got home, it was clear he'd been storing up a nonsense tantrum for when I walked through the door.


This is the best I can explain. Outsiders always fall for it. Fourteen years ago he threw a tantrum in the day of his post-bypass discharge. He was screaming that the sight of me or sound of my voice would give him a heart attack. So his nurse took it upon herself to call me, blame me, and told me to leave the state immediately so he wouldn't die. 

    Dear "R". I will be with you very soon. Give me a few hours. Yes, I have remembered every thing from January, along with the pre- winter information.

I was gone most of the day yesterday. lovingly, _Naes

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If I had to live in a 300 square foot efficiency apartment to get away from the mess you describe, I would do it in a second.
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I don't know what to say except what others have said.  Continue with your goal of moving out as soon as you can.  You need to be away from this toxic situation.  Your mental health depends on it.  I admire you for being able to stay sane through this.  


You did not deserve this and you didn't cause it.  It sounds like that side of the family has mental health issues.  I hope you can move quickly.  


Sending prayers for you.  

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@AuntG wrote:
If I had to live in a 300 square foot efficiency apartment to get away from the mess you describe, I would do it in a second.

AuntG--I am Hearting you and telling the OP that there is NO REASON in the WORLD she should still be living under the same roof with that man, her father. 

A teaching job with 27 years experience would definitely be enough to pay for an apartment......20 years ago.



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Dear 'R', I really had taken over 20 minutes to carefully write you back and at the end ...some about authentication...(???) 

I will try again. This stuff get old when you really do try to choose the correct wording, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Maybe it was the quoting/ I spoke exactly what I knew or thought was the best. 

I'll try agin later. hugs.

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Dear R, I'm really at a loss for words after reading your "story."  I just want to tell you that I am so sorry you have to live with your father.  He does sound mentally ill.


I hope you can move away sooner rather than later.  And don't look back.

Start your life over with positive, supportive people around you.

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@rac71......#2 attempt.


      Dear "R",

         I have no idea where the detailed post of 'my' original opinion had gone but went through a trial run trying to find it: [ auto saved ] ;  "I just do not think it was anywhere to be saved" or loaded for bringing it up. I could have deleted some of whatever was mentioned BEFOREHAND,,,,, {and I wish the mod would alert before telling anyone, at the end, that something that the poster would never come to guess - ````what is IT that WAS that is printed, as mentioned, to be lost````, " so be it"!  I quoted under you as I've done with my last reply and said nothing to my knowledge -anymore than what you had told me, but did mention att. friends & $$s for the surviving parent.   Who knows, could have been that? I have patience for this very hurtful news that you face. Also, the Internet was down on & on, so that may have played a part in disappearance. I never print TMI. 

Shorten but having substance IN MY OWN OPINION~ ah, there we go................


 Do you have a good friend that can advise you of a health care provider or _anything_ legal pertaining to this?   I know of the history pre-winter and January of David. The sil.  Also, I remembered that you were the one that stayed with your mom through all those days helping, listening to the doctors. I have no good healthy reason, if this were me, to even bring up the idea  to others -of any plans that you are moving on.  You appear to have the same exceptional high IQ as your mother, and a closer than close relationship being a daughter to her.  She was something else, so are you.  Get action through health care providers. Those whom are trusted to lay out all of the facts and provide assistance to have dad either helped in the home or with his overview why he is this >>way. You have done the best; that appears to be your part of love and family responsibility. That was the end when Mrs. C. no longer is there.

You appear to me as a no fault, in my opinion!   Are you waiting for anything to happen while in that one house?   If so, the same will be reported at another address, if news to benefit your -what is to come to you. Make that known to the att.  Get your friends involved whom you speak of so highly. 

GO! The son & sil will have to be part of this now. Make them! Let's see if this is read and I'll listen to your other options, if any. I know this very short or condensed but I will add on as you read. Take care. I am concerned. Many are, also. This is abuse. 

 Your credentials are way beyond what most do not know.

You are very fortunate having a secure vocation and cannot afford to lose that for lack of being absent.  'Again'.  Some intervention needed quickly here for you.

hugs,  _NAES ~  NAES       ////        _Not an easy sale

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A brief interruption here, but we are continuing on with posters' comment and solutions once again. 


Thank you for your patience. 


 ...hello rac71. 



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NAES, thank you for the recent post to me. I had read Rac's story after her beloved mother passed away some months ago and lately noticed her updates. Like you, I don't know what was deemed "rude and uncalled for" in your comments. If anything, they were merely paraphrases of Rac's sentiments which she acknowledged. Anyone who knows about her situation would understand. Anyway, enough said and it can still be discussed.