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starting today I have a new 18yr old grandson is staying with me 1 night a week.he started college which happens to be across the street from me.he used to stay with me all the time when he was a youngster.him being a teenager is a little different now.i keep my temp down in the 50's.he ha

Pens to be very cold blooded,so he wanted to turn the temp up to 70.No way!I told him to wear socks and put a blanket on.It may take a while to get used to my way of living

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Sounds like he might benefit from a heated blanket, its not that cold here in northern CA but my husband sleeps with a heated blanket all winter.

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Bumblebella.  Check it out.  Big, oversize, fluffy, supposed to be warm.  Ask Jill Martin for recommendations.  Some Bumblebella on sale or even clearance.  He'll love it.  Or else move out.   Keep the thermostat down; Spring is on the way!

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You keep the thermostat in the 50's? Too cold for me!

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I would never stay anywhere where the temp was kept in the 50's.  70 sounds good to me.  Our heat is on 72 and I still wrap up in a throw as does my husband.


My younger sister loves a cold house. I only visit in warm weather.  I hate the cold....hurry up summer.



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I'm sure he appreciates your hospitality. Don't be surprised if he finds somewhere else to bunk from time to time. (He might like being warmer since you like the thermostat way down). Or he might find a friend his age to hang out with and want the chance to develop a friendship.

He'll always love his grandma, but he might not always stay overnight. Just make him welcome and he'll be a wonderful guest. Lots of respect that he's attending college and stays with his education. Much to be proud of. 

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I thought my grandson keeping his house at 67 was over the top, but 50's. oh my  I keep our house at 72 and that is really not warm enough but I don't want DH to be too hot so that is a good compromise for us.  So I keep fleece on all winter. 


It is nice to have your grandson with you. It will be entertaining around your house with a teenager.

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I'm thinking having a warm, safe place to stay with food in the fridge for one hot meal, a place to study with adequate lighting just 1 day a week would go a long way toward keeping a young man in school.


My grandmother offered me all of the above. 

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We keep our thermostat at 67, it is often not even 50 degrees outside!  I would also freeze!

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That's a little too cold for me.


Personally if it were me, and since it's only one night a week, and since spring weather will hopefully arrive soon, I would find a way to compromise and kick the heat up a bit while he's there. Then you can turn it down again overnight.