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@YorkieonmyPillow wrote:

I have a canker sore that's come up on my bottom lip (on the inside), and it's really making my mouth sore.


I used to get those often when I was little; I called them "ulcers" then.


Haven't had one in a long time. Daughter's going to pick some ambesol up for me.


P.S. It's not a cold sore. I've never had one of those.

I used to get canker sores a lot, as a kid.  I still get them now, but infrequently.  They can certainly be painful and annoying.  You either want to keep feeling it with your tongue or biting at it, and that just makes it worse.  Powdered alum dries them up quickly, but I really don't like using that.  Swishing hydrogen peroxide around a few times a day is a pretty good treatment.  Just don't swallow it.  

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Canker sores can be miserable; hope yours gets better soon.  Also sorry about your Bell's palsy, tinnitus, and vertigo.  Man Sad

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Use Milk of Magnesim(spelling) to rinse your mouth then dap some on the sore. You get these from to much acid in your system. Sorry about the spelling!
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I feel your pain. I get them when I am stressed,eat too much of certain foods (walnuts,strawberries) ,etc.The day I took the LSAT I had so many ulcers I could barely move e my mouth or swallow. One thing I do is gargle with listerine (gold one) as often as needed.It hurts for a hot minute but it quickly  numbs them for some time. It seems to heal them faster. I am gonna try milk of magnesia. I hope this helps. 

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I don't think I've had a one of those since I was a kid, but I do remember them being painful. My mom had me rub some kind of spice on my canker sores. It must have been one of those old time remedies.
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Remembering back to childhood, my folk's used to use alum. It was because I think my dad ate citrusey foods and he'd get those. I get them rarely, but on the tip of my tongue as a rule. Painful little devils, luckily, they don't last long.

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You may want to call your dentist or your family doctor and ask for a prescription called Kenalog in Orabase.  I use it when I get them and it clears them up very quickly! A generic version is called triamcinolone dental paste.


It's relatively inexpensive, too.  They certainly are a pain...  Hope yours clear up quickly and you feel better!

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Re: My lip hurts so bad

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The last few years I have had several times where the whole roof of my mouth is a canker sore. Twice along with this I had them on the inside  of both lips. Usually takes a week .to 10 days to clear up. Nothing but liquids and soft or blended drinks during these bouts.

@YorkieonmyPillow wrote:

I have a canker sore that's come up on my bottom lip (on the inside), and it's really making my mouth sore.


I used to get those often when I was little; I called them "ulcers" then.


Haven't had one in a long time. Daughter's going to pick some ambesol up for me



P.S. It's not a cold sore. I've never had one of those.




Tried different things like cold sore creams/hot water salt gargle, felt better for awile, but did not speed up the process. Kinda like  cold I guess: "take aspirin and drink lot's of fluids, and it will take about a week. Do nothing and it takes usually 7 days". 


Tried to trace it back to a med change, but nothing has changed there or in any of the foods I consume. Not the worst thing I have had, but very annoying to say the least.

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The ONLY thing that will cure this problem is Magic Mouthwash.


Ther are several different "recipes" but I will give you the best for all serious problems like this. * Ladies, it will also stop 

Oral Thrush, or candida.*


Recipe #1 - Magic Mouthwash


80 ml.  viscous lidocaine- 2 %

80 ml.  Mylanta

80 ml.  diphenhydramine, 12.5 mg. 

            per 5 ml. elixer

80 ml.  nystatin-100,000 U 


80 ml.  prednisolone-15 mg. per 

            5 mg. solution

80 ml.  distilled water





Swish, gargle and spit 1-2 teaspoonfuls every six hours as needed. May be swallowed if there is esophageal (or stomach)  involvement.


This MUST be kept refrigerated .




Recipe #2-


30 ml.  viscous lidocaine -2 %

60 ml.  Maalox (do NOT substitute


30 ml.  diphenhydramine

40 ml. carafate- 1 gm. per 10 ml.


Mix well and use as directed for recipe #1.


Also keep refrigerated. 




Ask your pharmacist to help you obtain these ingredients from the pharmacy.


Keep bottles covered, clean, and refrigerated.





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Re: My lip hurts so bad

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Remedies can have side effects
even if they SEEM "natural".


Answers from Timothy J. Moynihan, M.D.

"Magic mouthwash is the term given to a solution used to treat mouth sores (oral mucositis) caused by some forms of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Oral mucositis can be extremely painful and can result in an inability to eat, speak or swallow.

Magic mouthwash provides some relief.

There are several versions of magic mouthwash.

Some are available in pre-measured kits (First-Mouthwash BLM, First-BXN Mouthwash) that can be mixed together by pharmacists, while others are prepared to order by a pharmacist.

If it's determined that magic mouthwash might be helpful, your doctor will write a prescription.

Magic mouthwash usually contains at least three of these basic ingredients:

An antibiotic to kill bacteria around the sore
An antihistamine or local anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort
An antifungal to reduce fungal growth
A corticosteroid to treat inflammation
An antacid that helps ensure the other ingredients adequately coat the inside of your mouth

Most formulations of magic mouthwash are intended to be used every four to six hours, and to be held in your mouth for one to two minutes before being either spit out or swallowed.

It's recommended that you don't eat or drink for 30 minutes after using magic mouthwash so that the medicine has time to produce an effect.

It's UNCLEAR how effective magic mouthwash is in treating oral mucositis.

That's because of the lack of standardization in the formulations of mouthwash,

and poorly designed studies done to gather data.

SIDE EFFECTS of magic mouthwash may include problems with taste, a burning or tingling sensation in the mouth, drowsiness, constipation, diarrhea, and nausea.

If you have mouth sores, discuss your options with your doctor.

In addition to magic mouthwash, medications and other treatments may help relieve your discomfort."


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