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Re: My grandsons keep calling me.

@RedTop wrote:

We haven't had one since I screamed at the guy "you are dead to us, out of the will, and next time you step on this property and Pops shoots at you, he will be aiming higher!"



OMG, that's great! I'm going to use that the next time I get a scam call.

My sister usually asks, in a deep, concerned voice, "Do you know the Lord?" They usually hang up in a hurry.

One time I pretended to be sobbing and said, "I just came bacl from my husband's funeral! can I get your number and call you back later?" That usually gets rid of 'em pretty quick too.Woman Sad

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Re: My grandsons keep calling me.

Almost hoping to get the call so I can say what @RedTop said😂

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Re: My grandsons keep calling me.

Sadly there are many elderly who do fall for this scam.  Too many are not tech savy and if they are suffering from dementia its so easy to be taken advantage of.  My mother in law will get messages and ask if it is a scam or not.  Thankfully now she is in somewhat sound mind but after a dementia diagnosis I do fear that she could fall for these scams.