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Re: My grandson,Brian called me today

We got a lady a few times when she left a message (I don't answer & hope I did block her while she was leaving the message) about paying off my student loans. We are retired LOL. family members call me direct if they need a few dollars and I tell them to cut down their expenses. 

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Re: My grandson,Brian called me today

I get calls from my own phone number lol that is magic        Linda

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Re: My grandson,Brian called me today

@Zhills wrote:

Our local news covered a story where the caller said the Brother had been kidnapped and they wanted ransom...........they were using the Brother's phone number!!!!!!!  Now that would be scary.


I got a call today from our local Hospital.  Dialed back and got a recording..."nummber not in service."


Scammers are getting so smart!

I have gotten calls from ppl saying they are collecting donations for hospitals, cancer, etc. and I refuse to give.  I know that many charities pay companies to collect donations for them but, even if the calls are legit,  these folks take a certain percentage of what they collect so once that money is peeled off and then the charity takes out administrative costs, not much goes to your cause.  I am a cancer survivor and told one of them calling for cancer that I send money direct and he got mad. Oh well!

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Re: My grandson,Brian called me today

This grandson scam scary. DM received one supposedly from city where grandsons live. They named street name of station. Asked how long would it take to get there- apparently knowing she couldn’t do before deadline. Definitely need to keep wits about you, not using real names or info. This caller was patient and convincing.
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Re: My grandson,Brian called me today

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We let all of our calls go to voicemail on our phone and cell!!


Sometimes we get calls with our area code and even the first number of our area and if they do leave a message it is not from our town at all. And is something like insurance we dont have.


car warranty on car we dont have.


credit card allowing more credit on a card we dont have!!


all a big scam.

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Re: My grandson,Brian called me today

@Auntg wrote:

My call of the day was about the medical brace I requested. Unfortunately, I've never even discussed a brace with my doctor.

@Auntg   I read in the paper yesterday That a bunch of people were arrested for this back brace scam, billing Medicare for over a billion dollars.