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When I was working, I had an administrative assistant to do most of that stuff for me but I still did a lot of it myself, particularly booking my travel arrangements. I wanted to reserve her time for the things that I REALLY needed help with, like putting together presentations and proposals. 

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@Nicksmom wrote:

@sue311  Sounds like what I do on a daily basis for DH!! Lol!! 😂😂

I think the job the OP described is called "a wife".

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I have an extended family member who is a personal assistant, to, as we say, "a rich woman".  She is part of a big rich family.  My family member does just what the OP listed, and is pretty well taken care of financially herself.  She gets nice gifts and her apartment is paid for, in addition to her salary.  Plus, she is basically part of the rich woman's family by now.  

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@september @Foxxee Thanks. I will look for that title.

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There are jobs like that, they called Personal Assistants.  Wealthy people have them, I don't know if they ever post positions like that.  I don't know how they find there Personal Assistants.  Our former pastor was married to very wealthy woman who had old family money and owned her own businesses but she always found time for church and community activities.  She had woman who did all the tasks you listed, her assistant was almost always at her side or close by.  

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Re: My dream job

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That job exists. I've had it for 40 years.  The title is "wife".

The pay sucks but the perks are nice.

A couple of months ago I was making something in the oven and my husband asked me to show him how to turn it on because he didn't know how to do it.  It never dawned on me!


I thought about it and there are lots of things he doesn't know how to do. 


I once said to him he should sit with me when I pay the bills and he wanted to know why.  He has no idea what account the direct deposits are made to, which one the bills are paid from, where our weekly cash comes from, how I transfer $ from the savings to checking... 


I know I should show him all these things but he doesn't listen so why bother.  He's at the mercy of our daughter if I should go first!

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Apply with the  Kardashians....they always looking for assistants as the ones they have  get fired for sleeping  with their boyfriends or husbands...


An older broad will be right up their alley


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Oh, I don't know.  I was a personal gardener for a wealthy person and I felt like an indentured servant.  This included cut flowers for events including dignitaries, and aligning social schedules with gardens in bloom (impossible).


Any expectation that I would have a say about anything was quashed very early, as the other half of the relationship made it quite clear that I was there to do their bidding, only.  Being a mind reader is exhausting.


Guess it depends on the people.


I do serve DH willingly.  I love him very much.

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My job does encompass all of those things - Project Manager or Coordinator although instead of paying bills I'm managing budgets and approving invoices for payment.  Another title would be Office Manager.

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I didn't read all the comments so forgive me if this has already been posted.


Your dream job does exist!  The title of a person who performs the tasks you mentioned is an administrative assistant.  Sorry, there are some secretarial type duties required, such as typing letters.  If you're not a good typist, practice and you can add that to your resume!


Good luck!