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Executive Secretary


Those 2 kiind of fill the bill as I see it.

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In my previous life, I worked as an "executive assitant" to a Member of Congress, and then, a mid-level White House staffer.


Both jobs were much like you described.  Back in "those days" it was not frowned upon to do "personal" tasks for your boss.  I used to get the car washed, keep the housekeepers/gardeners, etc, paid and on schedule.  Pick up the cleaning, pay bills, organize for parties, and on and on.


I didn't think much of it at the time, but my bosses were always nice and appreciative.  I was young, and just did as I was asked Cat LOL


That's the blessing and problem with those jobs...unless you work for someone you truly like and he or she appreciates your work, it's really a grind.


I've been retired since 2010, and that's been my favorite job EVER!

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@SeaMaiden you had me at older broad Smiley Happy.