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Only my mom and my mother in law. Our grandmothers have sadly all passed. When they were alive, I always got them a card and a small gift. We don't have grandchildren yet. I will probably get our dd, and daughtger in law something small or a gift card, if they have children.

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I go alternate day for Mother's Day so my grandkids' moms can enjoy the day together as a family. We do one 'Parent's Day.' Somewhere between Father's Day and Mother's Day. Grill out on our patio. Fun day that sometimes includes watching Royals Baseball on TV. We're all fans. Guys fall asleep. Of course they do. DH and I ask for no gifts, but a nice card and time with family throughout the year. It works out beautifully for us.


Twenty years ago I stopped buying for my MIL -- told DH since my mom had passed, he needs to buy for his mom. And he does. And that works out well. He buys and writes in their cards, takes his parents out to breakfast for Mother's Day and lunch for Father's Day. Their choice of meal time and restaurant. I usually make a 'sweet' for them to enjoy at home since they would never order dessert at a restaurant. Again, works for us. 

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When my Mother and MIL lived I always gave them flowers, I like to get flowers for Mothers Day too.

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I buy for my Mom and my DIL. 


(my MIL used to buy for me and I loved it, so I do it for my DIL)

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I'm not big on gift giving in general.  Personally I don't need a gift for mother's day.  I appreciate the gifts kids make in school but don't need much beyond that.  


I sent my mother a card with pictures of my kids and we usually buy MIL a big planter for per front porch or deck.

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My Mom and Mother-in-Law are gone.  But I give a gift to my SIL.  I am my oldest niece's god mother so I get a gift.  I feel funny not reciprocating.

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I buy my Mom and both of my daughters a gift, my mother in law we send money to, because she doesn't live here.....