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Re: Mail problem--anyone have this happen?

When hubby got his medications in the mail last was obvious it was opened on the corner before we got it.


It wasn't pleasant getting it replaced from Aetna...

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Re: Mail problem--anyone have this happen?

@KKJ wrote:

@RespectLife wrote:



I kinda will be wasting a trip and your time during which you don't need to be exposed to other people.


Your PO will NOT care.  They will write up a form and tell you they will investigate...of which there will be NO resolution.


Don't put yourself through that.  Stay away from a useless trip exposing yourself at a time when it really isn't prudent to do so.


File a complaint online.  It will go just as far as standing in line as the PO will.  The clerk can't resolve it and honestly, could care less.

You are right @RespectLife , it isn't worth it and will do as you suggest and not bother now with making the trip to PO. 

that's what I would do as well @KKJ @RespectLife.