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Age is just a number!   A neighbor has a friend that got remarried after losing his spouse 8 years earlier, at age 85 and he and his new wife are so very happy they got together! Wishing you the best.

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Enjoy it if it happens!  71 is no age in today's world! 

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I say enjoy his company and see what happens.  But, of course, be safe and no reason to feel guilty about checking on him.  Easy to run a search online, so why not?


Here's a true story: When my grandfather was 90, he started dating a woman in her 60s.  He lied and told her he was 80. He was in great shape for his age and she didn't realize he was 10 yrs older.  (We always kinda wondered why someone so young would marry a 90 yr old but didn't find this out until after Grandpa died.) Anyway, they married.  When he got sick, she took care of him until he died 5 months short of his 100th B-day. He never went into a nursing home or even the hospital, dying at home which was his wish. I certainly don't agree with him lying to her.  She was a nice lady.


My dad and his brother were in charge of Grandpa's financial stuff well before he passed.  They made provisions for Grandpa's wife, thinking there would be a good chance she'd become a widow.  So, when he died, she received a nice amount each month which allowed her to continue living as before.  The money was deposited directly into her account every month which was what she wanted. She was happy with this situation and thanked my dad and uncle many times. BUT, she did tell them that if she'd known Grandpa was 90, not 80, she'd have thought twice about marrying him. 





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My widowed FIL remarried again at age 73. His bride was 69 and they were married 15 years until his death.
We are never too old to find love. I hope the years ahead will be full of love and happiness for you!
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My Great Grandmother passed away at the age of 91 and her boyfriend Mr. Tom passed a couple of years before her. They had both been widowed for decades and spent the last five years of their lives together.  When Mr. Tom's health really started failing my Great Grandmother and her daughter my Grandmother moved into his home to care for him.  His son would not help.  When he passed away Mama Jack and Nanny went back to their homes, until Mama Jack moved in permanently with Nanny.  Now all three have gone to their final home after a lifetime of love. 

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Oh how so nice to read this story.  I'm so pleased that she found love again at her age.  I only wish it would happen for me, too.  Who knows?  Never say never.  Age should never matter.  

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BettyAnne, Oct.1st & we need update.How things going ?
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Are you still a human being at age 71?  Of course you are. You will always have human feelings.

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You are so lucky 😍 be happy 😃