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If you are a serious wine lover, this will offend you, but will solve your problem for good.


Boxed wine Cat LOL

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@Sweet_Serenity   (name says it all)!!   Buy yourself an Ozeri battery operated wine opener. (amazon)  I drink wine everyday and only have to put it on the charger once a month for a few hours.  It works great and is so much easier than fussing with a manual cor and it's harder to lose!  Perfect everytime!   


Loved your post, nice reminder to us all to be thankful..........God bless.

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@Sweet_Serenity   I saw your post last night as I was sprawled on my couch, laptop balanced on one leg, a Columbo DVD playing.  I was having one of my 'now this is living' moments and it made me smile to see you write that you love your life.




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