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When all of this started I told DH this is going to be a lost year.  He thought I was being too negative, but it's turning out I am right.  Just accept it calmly and hopefully next year will be back to normal.

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I'm glad to see people are being more compassionate in their responses to people complaining about their lives now.  A couple of months ago I was complaining and got jumped on for being self centered and selfish and my problems were trivial compared to so many people getting sick and dying.  They were probably right so I just sucked it up. 

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I've still celebtrated milestones here in 2020. Why not? I'm a "glass half FULL" type of personality. I don't wallow and feel sorry for myself. Happiness is what we, ourselves, must make of it. Heart

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That's often the problem with posting how one feels in a public forum.  However, we all feel what we feel and it should not be diminished.


Most of us know things could be worse, but it's all right to express whatever is going on.


I have a very blessed life, but I still feel depressed, anxious and afraid many times.  I do what I can to get out of that hole, but some days are harder than others.

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Where shall I begin? My granddaughter's college graduation was canceled. All we could do is see a photo of her diploma. My grandson's wedding was cancelled. He and his then-fiancée got married on the beach and we watched it on Facebook. 

My niece died on July 1. We missed the abreviated funeral. My best friend and my mother are suffering from depression. My husband has Alzheimer's and I was planning a kind of last-vacation this summer. As they say in Brooklyn, "fogeddaboudit." August has become the doctors' appointment month, i.e., the rescheduling of every appointment I had made for what turned out to be the Pandemic Spring. I'm going to have to find some joy soon or I shall be carried off to the loony bin.

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I've read many of your posts and my heart breaks for you.


That is why I know my burden is so small compared to others.


Wishing peace and strength in the coming days.

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In the years since I retired, my focus has been to not waste my today's. I strive to learn something new, and reach out to someone, every day.

I feel my life is still quite normal, outside of the fact I wear masks inside stores. Every day that passes is a day gone that I can't get back, I enjoy, and use mine wisely.
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Re: Lost Year of Milestones

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It's great that some of you seem not to be experiencing anxiety and/or depression. It is not something that you just wish away or turn off. Please undertand that it is as real as any physical problem.

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Re: Lost Year of Milestones

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I think we all have missed some things important to is. Spring is such a happy, busy time every year for most of us. I feel the worst for my dear triplet granddaughters who graduated from high school in June. They have missed so many real milestones that should be joyous and memorable.

No commencement ceremony, but they did get a mask with the school colors on it.....

No prom

No spring dance recitals

No graduation trip to Europe

No real tennis or golf seasons

No theater competition 


All three are starting college in late August or early Sept....three schools in three different states. You cannot even imagine....3 sets of new COVID guidelines which have been changing on a weekly school has shut down laundry rooms in dorms and other campus-sponsored housing. 
2020 will definitely be memorable...but not for the reasons we imagined.