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Like many at the end of 2019 I was looking forward to and planning something for all of the big milestones my family had coming in 2020.  Now I'm depressed and saddened that I haven't been able to do anything for any of these.  Sadly based on age even waiting a year to celebrate could be too long.


dad turned 75

 Son turned 15

 20th anniversary

hubby turned 50

MIL turns 80

Parents 50th anniversary

mom turns 75


While I wasn't planning any big parties for any of these as that's not the type of person I am. I was at least trying to plan a get away trip for hubby - at this rate maybe we can for our 25th.  I was planning a visit to my parents who live out of state this summer.  I don't feel comfortable making any out of state trips right now.  I have an idea for celebrating MIL birthday with my imediate family which is doable and she lives in the same town. 


Thanks for letting me vent. 

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i turn 70 on 7/30......just a small get together with my 2 children and 4 grandkids....which sounds wonderful...i'm not a big party person.....

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It is indeed sad how much you have missed as a family.  I think I feel most for the 15 year old missing friends.


We also are also seeing that the little, ittybitty ones tug on journey hearts.  

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Husband retired 4-20

Husband turned 6 on 5-5

27th wedding anniversary on 5-16, 

Its been 5 months most people I kow had many things going on


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@mimomof4 I understand but really...they are all just numbers!  You can celebrate in a big way next year or when you can.  Life is short & don't wait for those "milestones".


 We celebrated our 25th anniversary with a Mediterranean cruise but on our 30th we were at a new doctor for my DH who was very sick...I can remember having a chicken salad sandwich for dinner that evening.


We were supposed to go on a trip to Spain last month with extended family to celebrate my brother in law's 70th birthday....we'll try again when it's safe.

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@mimomof4 I'm very sorry you have missed so many milestones.


We all have been going through the same door.

So many students didn't get to formally graduate, some, the first in their family.

A favorite former stuident whom I got into Duke University and is the first of his family to go to college didn't get to share that joy.

Many milestones and birthdays.


I plan to celebrate everything I can as soon as things shape up.  


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Yes, it's hard to not be able to celebrate milestones.  However, just feel blessed that you still have all these wonderful people in your life. They'll understand.


Think positive, that they'll still be with you to have a grand, group celebration, at another time.  Hopefully not too long from now.


Just share your love for one another, via phone, or FaceTime. As we know, once we do have celebrations and they're over, that's all we remember, anyway.  We remember the love expressed.  



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I know it is a bummer Smiley Sad    We had to cancel two trips this year.  I am turning 60 in November and actually planned on celebrating the whole year!  LOL    But I like others, am thankful to have my health and the health of my family to be grateful for.   We have high hopes for next year to travel.  I have always tried not to take my health for granted and as many of you may know, I am a cancer survivor.  I never put off trips of a lifetime because you never know when it won't be possible to get out there and enjoy life! 

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Many of us have been dealt the same hand and are missing milestones. I'm thankful for the blessings in life, health is the most important one. To focus on the negative is not helpful. 

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We are all in the same boat, except ones that have been basically in that boat for many years now.  


You can sit around and look back and think about the way things might have been, were, or won't be.  I can always think about how things could be better or worse but it is what it is and I feel better counting my blessings than my woes most of the time.  Not always.