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What does that mean to you? I see it alot on social media and on the Dr Oz some say this too.  I am not exactly sure just what it does mean!  

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What does “best life” mean to YOU? You have to define it for yourself. No one else can tell you.

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Imo it is a cliche, means nothing.

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I think it started with prosperity preachers and life coaches. Personal and professional happiness by focusing mainly on loving your “sacred” self and practicing positive thinking. Wish-fulfillment. 


IMO, if you're doing your best with what you're dealt in life - it hasn't made you bitter or jaded - you continue to grow, count your blessings, give thanks and believe in the golden rule.... you're already living your best life. 


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This is just my personal prejudice, but I hate self- help books and guru know it alls .This expression and others like it are just nonsense to sell books. I really like Oprah, but I wish she would have kept that best life stuff to herself. Rant over , 😻

" You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts."
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I hear that a lot and I've even started saying it.  To me, it simply means that I am living and enjoying my life  to the fullest with what I have and not putting things off to some future time or the perfect time.  Because there is no perfect time and no one is guaranteed a future.  It does means different things to different people.  

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I don't listen much to motivational speakers or those similar to Dr. Oz.  Sometimes programming ourselves to being overly optimistic is not being realistic. 


Some people say we create our own lives, the mantra usually coming from those making a living out of motivating others to get out of their lounge chairs.  Others say our lives are planned and we have little to do with them.


I believe it's both.


Along our way on this journey of life, we may want to do certain things, but the doors don't open regardless of how hard we try to open them.  Some say it's hitting our heads against a brick wall. 


One door may eventually open, though, the door we don't want to go through at all, but we must because we can't go back. It's what we do after going through that door we may have some control over ...but in many cases it's a very difficult time when we learn our most precious lessons. 


So, I ask myself would I rather go though the doors that led to an easier life, where things were handed to me without much work, or the more difficult door where I gained wisdom and experience that I can share with others.  Making lemonade out of lemons is a much more rewarding life than being handed lemonade in a pretty glass.  


Am I permitted to say here, for me, it's spiritual guidance, intervention putting up roadblocks directing me to the best door for learning life's lessons.  I suppose that is "Living your best life."









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Doing what you want, when able.

Knowing what makes you happy, and seeking it out.

Growing and learning.

Thinking positively.

-- pro-aging --

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I have always taken that phrase to follow good nutritional choices and support spritual, physical, and mental health which, would in turn, allow you to live your best life.

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To me, it is just trendy silliness.  But if I were to translate the meaning to something I can relate to, I would say, to thyne ownself be true.