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Re: Live to 100 Netflix documentary

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my mother is 93.   my .02 the reason she has made it this far is she complains about everything. EVERYTHING!!


she said the Fuji apples at the store my sister got for her aren't fresh apples. she complained up and down.   


sister asked the produce guy at grocery store. he said the apples are flash frozen they currently ARE LAST YEAR'S APPLES! . and this years' Fuji crop will be sold next year.


Oatmeal for breakfast every day of her life and one boiled egg on Sundays with a Pepperidge Farm hard roll.  Fish for most meals and always dessert.


my Mom cannot hear, needs a walker to get around and still loves to shop for clothes.


A bit of Baileys or glass of Port as a treat every so often...

@CatsyCline  Your post reminds me of a sign I saw in a Jewish deli restaurant recently. It said "The more you complain the longer God makes you live." It sounds like all things considered, your mom is doing pretty well. I mean, if she still wants to get out and shop...

@LuvSoCal   you have no idea!   clothes and shoes!  she loves to go out for lunch and dinner and dresses up... piles on her jewelry and she still colors her hair!   she is cute but can be a quite a little brat!