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I always put my clothes thru a second rinse cycle as I'm allergic to so many laundry detergents. 

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I could be wrong but doesnt Clorox have a no odor bleach?


Also, try a bluing product.

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@PINKdogWOOD @I think the new washers don’t use enough water to get clothes really clean.I use Lysol for laundry added to my detergent to help sanitize and don’t buy many whites anymore.I know that you can bleach whites in the sunlight.I had a red wine stain on a white shirt that I left outside for a couple of days and it was gone.

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We have really hard water and nothing stays bright white.  I add some Borax along with Tide and it helps.  I also read that you can put in half a cup of dishwashing powder to give some extra boost.

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@drizzellla wrote:

When I notice that the white clothes are not looking as white, I use OxyClean. Does the job for me.

I do the same thing, I use OxiClean White Revival every so often. Safe on colors too.




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I've stopped buying white clothing. One wash, one rinse in a standard washing machine seems to be environmentally friendly. I tried using cold water, but find warm water cleans better.

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Oxyclean is amazing. The pretreatment spray for stains

has saved so many of dh 👔. Expensive but totally worth it.

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It seems these days, any and all 100% white cotton contains the "don't use chlorine bleach" statement.  Why?

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Try using this



Bluing Agent.jpg




It makes my whites pop.






Also, have you thought about possibly cleaning your washing machine, on the inside, I mean.



There could be a build up of stuff that's causing your whites to not be so white.

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I wash everything together all colors....white.. whatever......I use Costco Kirkland brand liquid detergent pods. All my whites come out great.