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Lack of Privacy

                               My sister and I are both in our early sixties.  I feel that we are old to know to understand privacy and privacy rights.  Nevertheless, she continues to post pictures of me that are taken at family outings on Facebook.  I've told her repeatedly that my husband and I do not wish to be posted on Facebook and especially without our (my) consent.  The last photo was posted after I made it clear that it was NOT for other people's eyes.  About a month later I see the picture front and center on Facebook.  What would you suggest I do? I am angry and frustrated!

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Re: Lack of Privacy

Tell her you are angry and frustrated!!

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Re: Lack of Privacy

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I'm not sure there is much you can do. Seems like she thinks it is her page and she will post what she wants. I'm sorry she is doing this to you after you  have expressed your wishes.

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Re: Lack of Privacy

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I am so sorry you have  a sibling who does not care at all about your sisterly feelings or right to privacy.


Tell her if she posts anymore photographs on facebook or anywhere else, without your personal consent, she will risk losing you as her sister, no exceptions.!


Also tell her she has already lost your respect for her since you have asked her to stop doing this and she ignores your request and feelings, as well as your right to privacy.


Additonally I would say if she alienates you one more time, then she will never be treated like a SIster by you no matter what the occasion, and everyone will be informed why.


I know tough love works on some  people, but your sister may be the exception to tough love, since evidently she has no resoect for you or herself and continues to ignore and hurt you by posting your pics whereever she wishes witout your personal consent.


Good luck, and I wish we could chose our relations, but since we can't many times they need to know boundaries and consequences if they intentionally  continue to choose to ignore them.




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Re: Lack of Privacy

If you've already told her and she ignores your wishes, then don't let her take photos of you in the future.

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Re: Lack of Privacy

Since you have told her you dont want your pictures published and she continues to do so there is not much you can do.  Is it really worth a family feud?  Not hardly.  Just ignore it I doubt very seriously if anything will happen as a result.


Frustrating for sure.

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Re: Lack of Privacy

Have you confronted her?  If so, what does she say?


I think your main problem is your sister doesn’t seem to care how you feel. In my experience, only a person who cares will change their behavior once they know it upsets you.

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Re: Lack of Privacy

Just because this is the era of lives being open books  there are also many of us who choose privacy and would like it respected.  I am not on Face Book by choice and am thankful but that is me.  


You need to confront your sister and let her know how you feel, communicate. but try not to have a feud over it.  This happened to my  girlfriend and she told the person who was posting the pictures of her to stop.  While the person was offended she did not post any more photos and did get over it.  I think she realized her relationship with my girlfriend was more important.


If your sister persists in invading your privacy do not allow it to destroy your relationship but continue to communicate your feelings.  Hopefully she will stop.

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Re: Lack of Privacy

Unfortunately, the rise in social media has made it necessary to put it in writing.


Make it clear you immediately and formally withdraw any previous spoken, written, or perceived permission for anyone to use or post your image or likeness in any form anywhere.


Let her know you expect her to remove any already posted likeness of yourself within (specify date and time.)


Don't threaten, but state this letter was preceded by multiple verbal requests. State you expect your right to privacy to be respected and you're disappointed she ignored your prior requests.

Be prepared to take a copy of your letter to a lawyer if she continues using your likeness without your express permission.


      Yes, it's sad, very sad that your multiple verbal requests to respect your privacy have been ignored. Some family members just don't get it until it reaches this point. 😢

I'm sad for you, as I have a sister who posts too.




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Re: Lack of Privacy

Tell  her you'll report her to FB and get her banned.  


Found this on FB:

We're sorry you're having a bad experience on Facebook, and we want to help. If you want to report something that goes against our Community Standards (example: nudity, hate speech, violence), use the Report link near the post, photo or comment to report it to us.