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My husband and I love John Denver, have several of his lp record albums, along with most of his cds.  My husband is also interested in aviation and what you stated is closer to the truth than the other posts here.  John Denver did not commit suicide;  it was pilot error.  


My husband explained it to me and if I understood right, he said that the plane John was in was a Long E-Z.  The previous owner had done some modifications on it, because it was difficult to change the tanks as the switch was under the front seat.  He modified it to the back.  That owner's wife and son often flew with him, so they would reach back and switch the tanks for him.  


Two pilots who tested the plane before John bought it,  told John NOT to change tanks by himself when he was flying until he got the switch relocated.  They had begun to spiral when attempting to do it during the test, but thankfully, they were high enough to regain control of the aircraft.  John was only at 300 feet when he crashed.  People that saw him take off, saw him reach toward the back of the plane toward the switch, and that was it.  


He didn't actually lose his pilot's license, but lost his "physical" which was due to his DUIs.   He wasn't legally flying when he crashed.  Sad ending to a very talented man.


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@sidsmom, there you are!  I was wondering the other day where you had gone.  Nice to see you posting again.  LM

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I loved his music and it takes me back to the 70's in a heartbeat!  I never knew (or cared) what his personal life was like (I rarely do), but I loved his music.  I was more of of a folk music fan and rarely listened to hard rock.  My music was Moody Blues, etc.  But music puts me in the place of the time and I'm greatly affected by sad songs.  So, I push forward and rarely listen to music of times gone by.  I was stunned and saddened by his death, I thought he had a wonderful talent.....  

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Love his music.  PBS occasionally airs a special show about his life, his music. 

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I loved the show about John Denver as well.  I have much of his music.  I don't know who the female back up singer was for him but she had a beautiful voice.  


Reminded me of the movie "Twenty Feet From Stardom" about the struggle back up singers have making it on their own.  If you haven't seen this, I highly recommend.  LM