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@haddon9: Friends call me- snap, crackle, pop because of my knees and hips. Mine hurt when it pops. I will be 64 in two months and trying to exercise and lose weight. I was a premature baby with cerebral palsy and had a lot of orthopedic surgery on my legs and feet and was warned by doctors that I would have joint issues earlier than others. Always skinny until age, different medicines and breast cancer. Struggling to exercise and lose weight but determined to keep moving with my walking cane. Southern Bee

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@SouthernBee . I'm sorry to hear about the pain when your knees pop! It's hard to move when your knees hurt.  Good luck to you!


I need to get moving and do more excercise  myself.

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My knees make "snap, crackle, pop" noises all the time, particularly when climbing stairs. The one that I had arthoscopic surgery on 30ish years ago is particularly bad due to scar tissue. When it hurts, I hit 'em with an ice bag for 20 minutes or so and go on with my day. 

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