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@KingstonsMom : Oh my goodness and dealing with so much for you and your DH. Keeping the both of you in my thoughts and prayers.

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@KingstonsMom - So glad you checked in. I'm sorry to hear everything you & your hubby have been through. Sounds like both of you have been through the wringer. Think positive thoughts, and stay strong. 


My hubby spends much time at doctors' offices - it seems like its never ending and throw a couple of surgeries in the mix and when do you catch your breath.


Last spring was my time to be laid up and I'm not a person that goes down easily. I was having trouble walking and putting weight on my leg. Day before Easter wound up in the ER and they found I had a blood clot. Put me on Eliquis - clot dissolved in 2 weeks. but I was still in pain. It wasn't the deep vein type - thank goodness.


Hubby had to take on doing everything - and I mean everything. Took me until early June to get back on my feet. People were shocked this happened to me because I walk 2-4 miles every day. 


Please take care (and your hubby too), give Kingston hugs, and pop in when you are able. Riley1

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@KingstonsMom  Good to see you on here. Will keep you daily in thoughts and prayers. Best to you both.

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Wow, you poor girl!  You've been through a lot.


Hoping you got your jaw checked out or did the fall happen before you were hospitalized?


Wishing you better days ahead for you and your family.