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Do not call the bride and do not bring your children! If this does not work for you, then, do not go!!


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bless her heart



and peeps wonder why......


hosts explain obvious places to wear thiings



and i saw.........


someone stated foodchopper purchased was an issue as it did not contain recipes





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I'll keep my answer short and sweet. No, kids shouldn't be at weddings. 

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You know this drives me crazy. I have been to weddings where people have brought their kids and I ended up playing babysitter; while my kids were at home where they should have been.


The reason I did this was so the bride and groom wouldn't have to remember kids running around their reception possibly ruining it.


I took them outside for walks, out to the corridors etc while the self absorbed parents enjoyed themselves and I didn't.


Some people have no consideration. They know the kids are not invited and they're playing stupid. You love your kids, but sorry everyone else doesn't; and they don't want them matter how cute you think they are. 

Tell your friend to read Ms. Manners book on etiquette and she'll find out the kids weren't invited because it didn't read and family!  I'd be very blunt with her. If the bride does tell her it's ok, take my advice and ignore her kids and  behavior and don't go into babysitting mode. 








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Re: Kids at weddings

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As @Sooner previously said, this woman is clueless!


I think if I were the bride and she called me on the phone to ask if she could bring her three small children (whose names were nowhere included on the invitation) to my formal evening wedding, I would politely say no. And at that point I would be sorely tempted to disinvite her as well. 

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Etiquette goes only those names on the invitation are invited. It has not changed over the years that I know of. Your friend should not call the bride. If she doesn’t want to leave her kids with a sitter, then she should decline on the rsvp and stay home. The invitation was for her alone.
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No kids under 10 would be my call.  Why punish the kids that are to young to be interested or care.  Why take a chance the kids would get whiny, roudy and restless and spoil the ceremony for everyone, especially the bride and groom.  Why would a mom want to take kids that age?  She could have a chance to adult for a while.



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@Trailrun23   Things haven't changed THAT much in terms of etiquette with regard to weddings.  One would think your friend would already know that.


She needs to hire a sitter for her children--period--and leave them at home.  An invited single person normally is allowed to bring her or his partner/escort--i.e. an adult friend.


I know things trend more casual these days but etiquette for weddings isn't that lax--yet.


I  would give your friend that clue  ASAP so she doesn't put the bride in an awkward position and embarrass herself as well.



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As many others have stated, children would be a no no.  If only her name is on the invite, then it is just to her.  Unless it says: and family or and guest or the infamous, plus one.....she should go solo or send her regrets.  

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Children don't belong at a formal wedding.  Children can't be expected to be mature enough to know how to act and many when tired become irritable understandably, even a 7 year old.