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I have finally found something that works for me.Its called u-dream.Made in Canada and all natural ingredients.There are two choices four hours or seven.The product is difficult to get right now in Canada as it sells as fast as it comes in to the stores so I think it works for many people.It sells for 17.99 in Canada and there are only ten capsules in the pack but I am feeling so great getting a good sleep that I would pay a lot more.

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Re: Insomniacs product



Sounds great, but I would want to know every ingredient in them in detail.  Many of these drugs from Canada are shipped from small island nations. Make sure you know what you are swallowing! I hope you sleep well. Make sure also they aren't addictive.


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Re: Insomniacs product

Found it quickly with a Google search- for me, same news, different day. 


EVERYTHING helps me to sleep..........until it doesn’t.


This product is VERY pricey, but the ingredients are all there, on Amazon, if anyone wants to check it.


Just at present, I’m sleeping well for about 4 nights/week with NO “aids” at all except a pillow wedge and extra pillows. I still have bad arm pain which of course disturbs me and I still waken at 3 or so 2 or 3 days of the week then worry a couple hours. My in-home sleep apnea test revealed moderate sleep apne, but 


There are a couple plant based products in this formula that I want to check out when I have more time, but so far, since the same typical warnings to “use only when necessary” suggest to me that it isn’t intended for my type of sleep issue.


That said, I’m speaking only for myself, and hoping and hoping for YOU @dex, that this continues to be JUST what you need! Thank you for posting!

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Re: Insomniacs product

@violann @.I don’t take it every night because I am afraid it will stop working so well for me.I slept through a huge noisy party happening on a boat in front of our vacation cabin while everyone else was awakened....that was just the best because I am such a light sleeper and have difficulties falling back to sleep too.Canada has very strict regulations and I am certain their products are as safe or possibly safer than those manufactured in the USA.I would check with a doctor if you have health problems just in case though.

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Re: Insomniacs product

[ Edited ]

Here are the ingredients. I looked up each ingredient. Most of these are plant and fungi products used in traditional Chinese medicine.




A herbal blend to help improve the duration and quality of sleep. Full Night formula allows you to fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed in the morning. Helps promote sleep, calmness and relieve nervousness.


Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata, herb top)
Full Night formula 110mg / Lite formula 100mg 

Orange Extract (Citrus sinensis, Fruit)
Full Night Formula 85mg / Lite Formula 85mg 

Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica, Fruit)
Full Night Formula 65mg / Lite Formula 75mg 

Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba, Seed)
Full Night Formula 45mg / Lite Formula 35mg 

Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus, Mycelia)
Full Night Formula 30mg / Lite Formula 25mg

L-Tryptophan (Tryptophan)
Full Night Formula 30mg / Lite Formula 30mg 

Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis, Fruit)
Full Night Formula 25mg / Lite Formula 20mg 

Rehmannia (Rehmannia glutinosa, Root)
Full Night Formula 15mg / Lite Formula 25mg

Fo-Ti (Reynoutria or Polygonum multiflora, Root)
Full Night Formula 15mg / Lite Formula 25mg 

Curcumin extract (Turmeric, Curcuma)
Full Night Formula 18mg / Lite Formula 18mg

Non- Medicinal Ingredients:

Rice Flour, Magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and hypromellose for capsule.


For adults: Take a single dose (1 capsule) orally, once a day, 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. 

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Re: Insomniacs product

Thank you for the recommendation @dex.

I just ordered from Amazon.

I hope I get your results!

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Re: Insomniacs product

It may seem expensive for an OTC medication, but if it helps someone who otherwise wouldn't be sleeping, it's priceless to them.


i've been getting great results with CBD gummies with melatonin. They're about $1.85 a dose - well worth it for a good night's sleep!

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Re: Insomniacs product

I have been taking Melotonin almost every night. I get sometimes a hangover in the morning like today and went back to sleep otherwise I wo uld be like a zombie. I have to ask the doctor if it is too much but he h ad other things on his mindlast week like handing me what I want done in my final years--abooklet like to fill out. Otherwise he said my bloodwork was fine.

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Re: Insomniacs product

Thanks for sharing about this product @dex   I just ordered and will try it out this weekend!  😊

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Re: Insomniacs product

I really hope this can help anyone who needs it.I know that my life has improved by simply getting sleep.