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Just a little indoor rainbow to brighten your day. I was sitting in my living room when I noticed this little beauty across the room. I was amazed at the vibrant colors! Took a photo of it and wanted to share. 

Here's hoping your days are filled with simple happy moments that make you smile. 😊




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Re: Indoor Rainbow 🌈

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@wilma   Beautiful.  Love rainbows.  Now I  have an earworm, "The Rainbow Connection", as sung by Kermit the frog.  😁


Also remembering my beloved pets who are at the Rainbow Bridge.  🌈

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@wilma   IIs beautiful.  Thank you for sharing. Smiley Happy

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Re: Indoor Rainbow 🌈

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Wow - that is vibrant!

This post reminded me of something. Years ago, I was given a prism and decided to hang it in the window. I moved from that place and am now wondering where it ended up so I can put it up again. hmm...

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@wilma I would LOVE to have experienced that beautiful gift! The majesty of nature never ceases to amaze.😊



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How fun @wilma , it must be your lucky day Smiley Happy

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Love this!!!  Thank you!  😀

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That is a beautiful rainbow!  Thank you for sharing with us!   And yes, it reminds me of Rainbow Bridge for all our precious animals!  

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What a lovely gift!!!Smiley Happy

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WOWEE ZOWEEE!!!!!!!!!!!


That's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!




We have a crystal sun catcher that sprays rainbows aound the room when the sun comes up but it's sprays not a solid, thick one like that!!!