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Re: If you were ever a smoker

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    I was just thinking about when I quit!  I smoked during high school; sneaked around until my mother caught me!!  Though don't believe she didn't know...because of the smell.  My dad smoked so it was so easy to 'borrow' cigs! So my parents told me that I had to smoke at home  - right.

Everyone I knew smoked then....

    Then smoked all thru college.  The day my mother found out she had cancer in 1967, I quit!!  She did not smoke nor drink!!  It was difficult...just the smell would get to me.  I stayed away from anyone that smoked!! 

    Have to say, every once in awhile,  I still miss that first smoke in the morning with my coffee.  But definitely one of the best decisions of my life!!


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Re: If you were ever a smoker

Smoked for about thirty years, quit when I was 47.  It was hard, but if I can do it, anyone can.  I was two packs a day morning, noon and night smoking.  Every minute is a battle when you first quit, and that is how you get through it.  Just minute by minute and every day I'd say to myself I'm not smoking today.  Maybe tomorrow, but not today.  Then I'd go a day at a time.


You will be happy after you quit because you save so much money and yes, you do have more free time!  Just know that you can do it.  You really can.  


I have now been quit sixteen years.  



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Re: If you were ever a smoker

I stopped smoking all at once ten years ago if I remeber well, I was 52 years young.

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Re: If you were ever a smoker

I smoked a pack of Kools when I lived in a sorority house (1963), the same week Surgeon General came out with Smoking Report.  Everyone in my House quit next day; I never smoked again (lucky me).

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Re: If you were ever a smoker

I quit when I was 40.  It was 1994 during the OJ trial. 

My sister got me started on the Susan Powter "Stop the Insanity!" video...I would put the tape in & do the video in my living room.  Susan would say "you gotta eat, you gotta breathe, you gotta move!"  & all I could think of was my poor black lungs & I wanted them nice & pink again so I quit smoking cold turkey.  I decided I couldn't be an exerciser & a smoker too. I don't miss it at all.


One saying of consolation to those that can't quit: 

Growing up, neither of my parents were smokers but we had an ashtray in the china cupboard that said "Tis better to smoke here than hereafter"!!  I don't know whatever happened to that ashtray.

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Re: If you were ever a smoker

i started at 17 and quit at age 20. i was buying cartons by then. pack a day menthol 100s. quit cold turkey. one of bf aunts called them coffin nails. took it literally  quit the next day.


in my 30s, divorced and going out clubbing with friends.  i bummed their cigs until they got annoyed.  then i would buy ...smoked True, Carlton, anything super low tar.    was a social smoker for 15 yrs. when i quit i still had the emergency pack in the freezer. i was 42. several years before i could see someone smoking and not crave one.


yes i am showing up as a former smoker on medical charts. the social blah blah explanations don't count. you either smoked or did not.

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Re: If you were ever a smoker

I quit smoking Jan 1,1981. I had moved to another state and had new friends.They were horrified that I smoked and shamed me into quitting. It was the best thing a friend could have done for me! It took me a few attempts but finally quit cold turkey on that date. DH still smokes but no desire for one at all.

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Re: If you were ever a smoker

I started smoking socially at 19 and quit when I was 27 when I found out I was pregnant with our first child. My son had colic and the first few months were very rough , changing formulas and no sleep. One day my mom came over to give me a break. I went directly to the store and purchased cigarettes. While sitting in my car I asked myself  do you really want to start this?  The answer was no and I threw the pack away and never smoked again.

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Re: If you were ever a smoker

I started smoking when I was in high school at age 16.  Even though my mother smoked, I kept it a secret from my parents because I knew they wouldn't approve.  When I was a junior in college my father found out and made me a deal.  I was saving to take a trip to Europe to see a friend who was studying abroad in London.  We were going to buy eurail passes and tour Europe for two weeks.  My father said he would pay for my air fare if I quit so i did cold turkey and I never went back to smoking again. 

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Re: If you were ever a smoker

I started smoking at 15 and quit at 26.  I had just married and we wanted to have children someday so knew I couldn't smoke.  My kids are now in their mid to late 30s.


I went through an experimental program run by one of the state universities contracted by my employer.  We had about 20 in each group and over 6 weeks, we gradually increased our smoking to double the last week.  I knew I'd never be able to wean off so went with this program.  It worked!