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I am going through some stress with my mom and DH, and am close to a stomach ulcer. Dr. gave me some heavy-duty antacid meds. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, and when in a confrontation, my stomach acids go into overdrive. Any suggestions how I can 'let it go'?? I try to not think about it, but when I'm upset, it's ALL I think about. Thanks.

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tai chi


go for a walk



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Meditation....although I have a hard time meditating. It does work for others.  


This one works for me....think of all of the things for which you are grateful.  It can even be small things. 


A hobby or pasttime that excites you.  This is another one that works for me.  


And, this one may be controversial, but it has worked for me.  Acupuncture.

I was only about 50% convinced about the effectiveness of acupuncture, until I started with treatments two weeks ago.  My whole life has been in a state of flux for decades.  Plus, I've been dealing with thyroid disease and thyroid cancer, and hyperparathyroidism.  And, trying to adjust my thyroid meds.  My whole body just runs on adrenaline and then I crash!  The doctors want to pigeon hole me with a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I found an MD who has also studied Chinese Medicine in China.  The idea is to realign your body functions.  I was floating on air when I left on Saturday.  It does make me tired for a few days, so I plan for that.  And, a bonus, my arthritis pain in my knee is about 85% improved.  I can walk with little to no pain!

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@nanny24  - I am sorry to hear you are going through some tough times.  


If you drink soda, stop.  If you can't stop cut back.  Soda has a lot of acid. 


Walking, being in the sunshine, and writing are big helps for me.   Also, creating.  Just making something.  Some days just making supper for my family is all I need.


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Julia Kristina on YouTube. She is a licensed physiologist who has down to earth remedies.

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Re: Ideas for less stress??

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If they're making too many demands on your time just say no.  It's very freeing.  If you're Mom is elderly there's help available.


Therapy helps too.


Coffee has a lot of acid too.


Good luck.

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When I am stressed, I read.  I read mystery or romance, which takes you to a differet place other than the stresses that I face.  Try to find some thing that is easy to read and doesn't take a lot of brain power.


Another good thing is excercise.  I go on YouTube and either do Zumba or Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home videos.  The zumba music are fun and upbeat which makes the stress go away, and Leslie Sansone's Walking videos are relaxing and positive.

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I like to do yoga and concentrate on the breath and pray. I worry about everything and if something is bothering me and I can't sleep, I give it up to God. If indeed you can confront the issues or people who are causing you stress and it would relieve the stress, that would be great.

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If you can give yourself a spa day. If you notice your getting upset LEAVE for awhile. Go to a park sit on a bench and just chill. So sorry this is happening to you. ❤️

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My choice for decades has been physical exercise. However, I have always been a type D person, and things that stress others do not effect me much.