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Re: Ice storm thinking of ny,

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Thank you. There is a lot of flooding and tens of thousands I just heard on the news are without power. That is my biggest fear because losing power means no heat.....


Praying for everyone's safety and thank you for this thread. Heart

@Trinity11,What is the most popular form of alternative heat there?


In the mountains of NC it's kerasun gas heaters.  I cooked on the top of ours when we had the blizzard.


Brand New Original KERO-SUN Omni 105 Kerosene Portable Heater 23,000 BTU

The majority on my block have a generator. My husband for some reason is afraid of them claiming that we might set the house on fire with one. I know really nothing about them...

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Re: Ice storm thinking of ny,

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It's just a winter storm.  Rain, winds, ice.....we've all been through it 100 times and we'll go through it 100 more times before we move to

It's a Nor Easter and plenty of my friends and neighbors fear them because they had extensive property damage during the last one. Our roof had to be replaced and insurance didn't pay a penny for it.

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Re: Ice storm thinking of ny,

My area of NY. Was spared, just a lot of slush. The kids are happy though, snow day!

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It is icing and hailing again here, no time to breathe, please remember  the men , like ours who  sand and plow, the fire houses, ambulance ,  and hospitals ,  they switch out drivers frequently, but it is dangerous.. we were  pulled  out 2 times today. bless those who go in harms way to protect us..   lots of positive sent their way  from us... Come home safe... we love  you... please join in good thoughts  no matter where you are... Maryanne

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Re: Ice storm thinking of ny,

@Keeper of the koi et al, we are in the middle of it now in Nova Scotia.  Our driveway was like a skating rink.  Very slippery.  Turning to rain tonight.  The trees are iced up and the winds are high so there will be damage.


Hope the winter keeps moving along.  I'm ready for Spring!!!  LM