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I find that you can prod and suggest all you want.....they do it when they are ready and it's their, ya gotta love 'em

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I'll pay you big money to come to my house, and work your magic spell over my husband! LOL


Or, how about you start a seminar so the rest of us can learn your secret!!!!


I'm green with envy! Congrats!

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@San Antonio Gal  You and me both.  Nothing like a good move to declutter.  Did so last year and felt so good.  A large downsize for me and was a new home  just built.  I wanted to start out anew here and stuck to my guns of only bringing what I'll use.


There are 2 homes up in the older section here for years that have floor to ceiling boxes in their garage still unpacked.  I can't imagine dragging all that stuff from home where I bet it probably wasn't used there and now sits in the garage.  Neither has room to park a car in the garage.  

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You can help!  Bring him a glass of ice water or tea as he is working, cheer him on, fix one of his fave. meals after a day of working at it - (Yes I know it’s bribery, but desperate times call for desperate measures), I’m sure you’ll think of others!



"Animals are not my whole world, but they have made my world whole" ~ Roger Caras
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@katiemichelleYes! we must.

He is a good man sounds like my nearly 71 hubby! begging me always to gte moving on my 'sheet' , we are nearly 10 years apart and he has more energy then I can possible have with my aches and pains and our home is huge and the prob is I hoard and can't let go, I need a specialist to come in and I would pay them to help me go through the dehoarding process lol. All high end good stuff but no need now.

I lost my son recently and I'm in lockdown it feels like that with depression and no desire for anything - we never really entertain why keep the stuff ? Many memories though. If I had a sale I'd make a lot of money but did one room and gave to domestic absue project thrift store such a nice place! they were thrilled, I felt good giving back.

It can be very very hard for some of us to discard or dehoard I pray I can do this.

Emotions are  really tied to this now (letting go). If we move one day I have to be free of my 'sheet'

My sister and many I met have the same issue :/ they say it does run in familes. My home looks nice but our finished basement has many rooms!!

Letting go...only if!

My son went to Heaven 4/15/2018
I love and miss him so very much. God Bless you my dear Nicky
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My DH wouldn't let me clean out the closet in his den. He insisted on doing it himself. He took everything out and put it all right back in. He threw nothing away., just stacked it up neater. sigh. At least it's all in a closet!