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Re: I've Lost Years Of My Life!

I also thought the OP had received terrible news about her health when I read her subject: "I've lost years off my life".   Yikes!  Glad to know that isn't the case!

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Re: I've Lost Years Of My Life!

I'm sorry to have given the wrong impression.  My 2nd post, I thought, corrected it.


I need to remind myself that posting on a board is not like sitting with a bunch of people on someone's patio and making a comment, with people immediately knowing what I meant.


For anyone thinking that I am careless with my language, well, yes, in reality I have lost years of my life since I became disabled almost 20 years ago.  I am only able to take part in 15, maybe sometimes  20% of what I used to be able to.  I don't take that phrase lightly.  So much for chit-chat, let's move on.

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Re: I've Lost Years Of My Life!

Good grief!!  I don't know what that "spoiler" deal is.  I was just supposed to be a wink-smiley face.

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Re: I've Lost Years Of My Life!

All seriousness aside here, I took it as a sarcastic biting wit humor, which my brother is a champ at and I've been trained well in the sarcastic banter! 

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Re: I've Lost Years Of My Life!

@adoreqvc wrote:



This is just my humble opinion...


When I read your caption, Re: I've Lost Years Of My Life!... I felt so sad even before I opened it to read more, because it sounded like you were diagnosed with an unexpected terminal illness.


That would mean you would be prematurely losing years of your life.


That would also justify using the exclamation point.


That scenario is something to really get upset about, because dying prematurely is a shock.


Of course that type of news is upsetting, but losing many of your former QVC bb posts, due to this new QVC Community forum format change over......well that is not a life changing event by any means.


Glad to read you are not dying prematurely anniecamp, but your above title, cannot even begin to compare to really losing years of your life.


There are really more important worries in life than this loss of many QVC posts.....and I pray you never lose that which is most precious to you.


Many of us have lost many  of our former QVC Community posts during this transition, but we most certainly have not lost years of our lives!

















I believe Annie was creating a "hook" with her title, that's all .... in order to capture an audience.  It got my attention because I assumed she was watching all of the great programming on QVC (all day Christmas in July, endless Dyson shows, bewitching cooking shows, etc), and that Annie was captivated and couldn't turn off the set.   Never did I think she was terminally ill.  :-)

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Re: I've Lost Years Of My Life!

Amen sister!!!!

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Re: I've Lost Years Of My Life!

Hi blueLagoon,


Thanks but no explanation was really required, because I never as*sume anything as others do, nor do I care to play guessing games with captions which scream sadness and misinformation.


I never interacted with Anniecamp, but perhaps you do.


I always prefer to know factual information, rather than an eye catching misinformation caption, which reads Re: I've Lost Years Of My Life!


That caption shouts sadness, and some sort of terminal illness diagnosis.


Glad she is not terminally ill....but from her misinformation caption it is evident others would also read her words exactly they way I did, and also did on this thread.  

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Re: I've Lost Years Of My Life!

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Hang in there, Anniecamp! When I saw this here in AF, rather than Health and Wellness, I immediately reasoned it was tongue-in-cheek and likely board related. AF, among other things, has always been a pretty safe place to vent. Some of us do use sarcasm and humor to deal with minor frustrations in life. I have compared trying to post here from my iPad like playing whack-a-mole, on the open seas... in a tiny canoe! 😬 It's horrendous and leaves me seasick.

I don't think I lost any years, but dropped a lot of post weight. 4000, or so. Doesn't really bother me, and that's a good thing, since at this rate... I doubt I'll be gaining them back any time soon.

Glad to see you're still here with us, with your good name and your sense of humor intact! 👍
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Re: I've Lost Years Of My Life!

Why do people care about this?



It's not something that's critical but I, for one, care because it's not accurate.

Why even have starting dates and post counts if they aren't accurate and true?  Either make them correct or drop the whole thing!  Maybe I'm just too literal about things but whenever I looked at my "new" date and post counts I'd just shake my head, like why even have them if they can't even keep them right??


Like I said, not earth shattering at all, but just not accurate.


At least my Nic didn't change......  Woman LOL



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