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We are living in very trying times. Global warming, Covid, increasing costs of food, utilities, housing, etc., etc  I feel we have raised our children to be respectful, work hard & take care of their health. Still, I feel uneasy at times of how they will carry on when DH & I have left this earth. I have made a promise to myself to look at this picture each day & tell myself to "believe."



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@MOMMAVik  I like that -   I've done a fairly good job of convincing myself not to worry too much about what I can't personally control, but the cartoon is more positive.   Thanks for posting it.

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I try to be positive everyday, of course every once in awhile it is next to impossible.  I worry all the time about my adult kids too and pray they keep safe and healthy always.

We do live in tough times but what I do is try to smile and have a calmness about me so my kids hopefully pick up on that and keep it with them.


This was a sweet reminder. Smiley Happy

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Re: I should consider this

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This is how I have looked at my life most of my adult years. Quite often I post for people to quit worrying about things they cannot control. It is wasted time and energy.


If most sat down and put 2 columns on paper, 1 with all the positives in their lives, the other, all the negatives? If they are truly honest, I believe for most the positives will outnumber the negatives.


And you mention worrying about "after we are gone"! Look long and hard at the Peanuts Charlie Brown picture you posted here. Someone once said: "What, Me Worry"?








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@MOMMAVik WORRY is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere.

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If I weren't SURE that God is ultimately in control, I'd be a mess!  But I am sure!



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@Boomernichols wrote:

@MOMMAVik WORRY is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere.



OH!!!!!!!  THAT is really good!  Many thanks!

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I feel the same way!  Not sure if you are a religious person, but I pray.  As their mother I may be the only one praying for them.