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Re: I'm just wondering if anyone knows anyone who auctioned off a house?

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I think unique properties and homes do better at auction than typical neighborhood homes. I had an 8-acre acreage home in the country with three outbuildings that I put to auction two years ago. Unique and private setting in the country. 


I had a household auction the same day, after the land auction. I negotiated a lower percentage with the auctioneer/realtor for including both. The reason I wanted to go the auction route was that I didn't want two months of looky-loos tromping thru my private space (also have an inside dog). I offered three open houses, the first drew 120 people. Ugh. But I didn't have to do any private showings.


I had a threshold on the low side that I set with the auctioneer. I got more than that, but not as much as I had dreamed about (of course). I can't explain the relief I felt post-auction. Euphoria. As it turned out, the family who bought the acreage came for the household goods and had no intention of purchasing an acreage that day. Got there early, did a quick walk-through, thought they had found their dream setting and wrote a big check. 


When I sell my neighborhood "tract" home some day, I will definitely use a realtor. And do my research beforehand to know what a reasonable comp in my area would be.

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Re: I'm just wondering if anyone knows anyone who auctioned off a house?

Thank you all for your good replies.  I just got back to this now.


The price is right, it's only $159.00 for a beautiful house like a patio home, no basement but a large beautiful screened in porch in the back looking out into our nicely landscaped and flowers in the back yard with good garden space.  The price is what they are selling around this area.  Our house is over 15 Sq.Ft. 15X15 master bedroom and bath, anyway, it's updated and we're having an allowance for carpeting. 


We've had 21 showings including one open house, good feedbacks, but they are not ready, still looking, have to sell their house first, etc. etc. but we know it will sell. It's not cluttered at all. Very spacious!  


You've helped me in the decision of not auctioning it off.  That was what I was just wondering.


I know the right people will come soon! I just hoped it would have been sooner.


Thank you again!