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YAY! Your pups will be SO happy you escaped from that 'box' that was Skype, etc.!

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Oh ! So happy for you . Wishing you a full and speedy recovery xoxoxo

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What a relief. It will feel wonderful sleeping in your own bed, surrounded by the pups and your family. 💖

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@monicakm  SO HAPPY FOR YOU.   Take good care of yourself and don't overdo it.  I'm so happy you are past this point for now. 

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@monicakm , fantastic news!  Prayers for a continued quick recovery!

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@monicakm   I know you're happy this is all behind you and going home is such wonderful news. Take it slow. Heart

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery 🌺🦋💐🌹



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@monicakm I know you are relieved your surgery is behind you. That is wonderful news. Take it easy to insure a successful recovery.

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  I am in awe of the way you take care to look fabulous under these trying circumstances.  Soon you will be reunited with your precious pups and sleeping in your own bed. Yay!

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@monicakm  Wonderful news.  I wish you continued success with your recovery and years of good health.  

Much happiness in reuniting with the puppies.  

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