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Me too!!Woman LOL

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Same here!  Today is my first day back after not being able to log in for days!

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Me too!  It's been a week so so - glad to be back in.

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@zitawins wrote:

I just got in, too, but I'd hardly call it a "miracle."   I think QVC is edging us out, and maybe if persistent people get in, it shows interest on our part.


Anyway, I do like the Pro boards and will continue to check in with them.

Everyone should sign up at the Proboards in preparation for the final demise of the Q forum.


Over 1000 Q members have signed up.  No disappearing threads over there too!  

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So glad to be able to sign in again, QVC,

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So pleased to see the boards up and running again. I missed them. 

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Me too.  I couldn't get in for about a week.