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To All Here On This Board, Sincerely I hated to see Dan Hughes leave.  I am sorry I got so upset.  I was shocked because I had been watching him since the very beginning when I lived in the Delaware Valley not far from West Chester, Pa.  He and Pat were so magical every morning Monday thru Friday.  The two of them would literally explain product information, tease each other but did an absolute great job,  Dan was so honest about his color blindness and Pat would correct him but no harm done. My sincere love to Dan and thank you Dan from my heart if you happen to read this post.  Oh YES,  Thank you for Murphy!!  I will always love him!!  

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@addtothis, I'm sad too. I'm sad to see both him and Carolyn go. I feel like this is such a major mistake but I don't buy a whole lot from QVC anymore so I'm sure they don't care what I think. But I miss those early days of The Morning Show with Pat and Dan. And I too loved Murphy! What a beautiful dog.



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No need to apologize to me.  I am angry.  I don't think this was fair to Carolyn and Dan, particularly the way it was done.  How can any employee be loyal to QVC when they see this happening?


They were not employees in shipping that just started a year ago.  Even they should be treated with respect. 


It doesn't matter that this is the way companies do it.  It's wrong!!!  There are other ways to cut expenses, but it aways is employees, some of the first go.  How many millions are top executives making? 


Hey, Mr. Rawlinson, how much are you making?  If the leaders can't keep a company profitable, their  humongous salaries and benefits should be cut until they actually earn them. 



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Dear Foxxee,  I truly understand how you feel and yes it is wrong but guess WHAT??  WE WIN!!  This company will do the right thing or they will belly up.  I do not wish harm to anyone but we will see how their business decisions will pan out.  Knowing Dan Hughes and the God loving man he is and Caroline surviving a health issue that we all prayed for that she would and DID recover from is absolutely a WIN!!  Love ❤️ you Foxxee!

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@addtothis If he were an atheist or non believer would you care? God has nothing to do with any of this.

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I am sorry for you.  RIP.

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I too am so unhappy to hear Dan and Carolyn have been let go!!!!!

What is wrong with this company??? They should be rich enough

with all the things ppl have to ship back because their quality has

gone down hill so drastically! Why aren't they firing the new hosts

that are SO terrible, and can't do their job even half as good as the

veterans! You're dismissing the hosts we have all grown to adore

and enjoy.....what planet have you come's sad and so

disturbing! I hope they both flurish in whatever they decide to do,

and they will both be surely missed. It doesn't pay to be loyal and

work hard in a company anymore. Their disillusioned in keeping

their company strong.  Remember Antonella??? that was a swing

and a miss when they let her go too. QVC will loose customers

over their bad decisions. Over 50 years+ between them!!...WOW!!

God Bless Dan and Carolyn....thank you for making us smile!

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People seem to have so much of themselves invested in QVC and their hosts' lives.

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YOU are CRAZY RIGHT!!  I could not say this better than you!  Thank you from my heart.   

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@rms1954 - yes, people carrying on like their lives depend on who the host is ....unbelievable