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I consumed an entire pint of Talenti's Sicilian Pistachio gelato last night.  I discovered this morning that this might have been the last pint of Sicilian Pistachio on the planet.  Talenti just renamed it Pacific Coast Pistachio.


Regardless, I regret nothing.



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I was just thinking that very same thing a few minutes ago!  Great minds think alike. Smiley Happy

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@Reiki604My Schwann's delivery man delivered my caramel, chocolate covered ice cream suckers.  They are delish !!!

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i get like that.. i get cravings, but wait for them to pass lol i dont buy junk foods at the store.. or i'd be 200 pds by now..

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Was at the store last night and got some Haagen Daz Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream. Didn't open it yet but will tonite. Last week I bought the Haagen Daz Trio Belgium chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and blackberries! Oh, SO GOOD! That lasted about 3 minutes.


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@Reiki604 wrote:

@Blackhorse This is a very interesting idea. I have some thick fat free plain yogurt I made in the Instant Pot. Maybe some honey with the cocoa and squeeze it into the freezer. Thank you! : Bell Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter ...

This would be good mixed in greek yogurt and frozen, a delicious treat!

It's available in supermarkets.