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@rms1954.... a big hug to you.... feel your sadness... I know life isnt fair!  Sorry this happened to you.

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Re: I Just Don't Understand

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That stinks. 

I agree about a surveillance camera. You might find who's been taking your things. 


Also, if it wasn't one of a kind, try eBay to find another snail. I know it won't be your father's, but, if you can find the same one, it might do.


Do you have pictures of the snail?  People here might be able to help you find another of the same. 

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I'm so sorry this hapapened to you. I know it was special to you and likely means nothing to the person who took it. Can you walk around your neighborhood and see if someone took it and then just threw it in the bushes? Just a thought. 

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Some people are just might be the same person took both things...I'd make a sign.....suggesting the person brining back the never know it might show back up.

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Boy that stinks. So sorry for your loss and it is like a loss. 🙏❤️

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Re: I Just Don't Understand

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@rms1954  It happened to me, too, and it hurt a lot.  I had made a trip to the NC mountains in the fall and bought a large blue hand-thrown flower pot.  Then, I bought a plant from Lowes Home Improvement.- just one of those small, pretty green leafy plants that are trained to climb a support and sold during the holidays.  I planted that little plant in the blue flower pot and sat it outside of the door of my apartment, which was on the top floor of a 3 story building.  It got morning sun there and really thrived, growing and growing and growing, reaching out toward the sun. I was recovering from a disasterous marriage and divorce and that sweet little plant gave me pleasure every day for 2-3 years.  It represented home to me.  Then one morning, I opened my front door and immediately felt that something was wrong.  The flower pot and plant that sat 10" to the left of my front door were gone.  Someone wanted my beautiful plant enough to lug that heavy pot with a 3' plant in it down 2 flights of stairs sometime during the night.  I was so hurt and horrified that someone would do that!  Apartment management told me that it was probably someone who had seen it and took it when they moved out.  I knew the plant would probably not live long once removed from those ideal growing conditions and I actually grieved for it., imagining the damage it suffered, probably hastily thrown into the back of someone's car.


That incident made me decide to get out of that apartment and look for a house of my own.  I wasn't sure I could afford one, but I soon found one that was perfect for me and lived happily in it for 15 years, during which I cultivated and tended many, many plants and trees.  In fact, the recent sale of that home secured the purchase of the condo I chose for retirement.  I hope you will also find a way to use your heartache to build something to enrich your life.  

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This may seem like a foolish suggestion but I will suggest it anyway.


It seems some individual is taking things from your garden and is returning. Maybe you could post a sign in your garden asking them to please consider returning the snail.  Nothing else matters but the snail is the memory you have from your father and you would appreciate it if they would consider bringing it back.


Just something like that. Sometimes it does work and things are returned. Leave the sign up for awhile. You have nothing to loose.


Sorry for the loss of your precious keepsake.

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Thanks for all your replies and for understanding.  The thing is it really brought me calmness and comfort.  I had some issues after I retired last year.  I got very depressed and had thoughts of .... well, not good thoughts.  I went to therapy and lots of things came out about my childhood and past.  I've been working through them and it's been hard.  Many times I wanted to give up.  So this gardening thing really became a peaceful, calming thing for me.  Sometimes I talk to my Dad (in my head) and that snail made it possible.  Sounds weird.  I just liked it.  It game me peace.  And now it's gone.  And I feel like my world might come crashing down.  People don't know when they do bad things to someone, what it can create in a depressed person. 

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Re: I Just Don't Understand

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I am so sorry you lost an important item that belonged to your Dad, I too have some of those precious items that bring me closer to him even though he is in heaven.

Meanwhile you could get a security camera since it seems the pattern of theft has been set.  Get a Blink or Ring, it's camera may be able to scan out far enough to capture video of the culprit(s).  Theft should never be accepted as the norm in any neighborhood!

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I'm so sorry ~ I understand that sometimes "things" are so much more than things.  They represent memories and loved ones we've lost. I agree with you ~ I just don't understand either.