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It’s a good idea, but my sign would be a little different:


This area is under camera surveillance, and violators will be prosecuted.

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You may want to post something on Facebook if your city/area has a Facebook page or on Nextdoor. If you have a picture include it, it may make it so they cannot display in their garden.

@rms1954 wrote:

We have a small garden with a retaining wall in our front yard.  My husband built the wall so I could have a garden.  Each year I would add a couple more flowers.  We have (had) five small crackle globe lights lining the garden.  On Monday night someone took one of the lights.  OK - no big deal.  I thought it was probably a teen walking by and took it for fun.  This morning I look and there, where I had a garden snail figure, was gone.  It had been in the front of my Dad's home.  When he passed a couple years ago, I took it to come live with me.  I thought of him everytime I looked at it.  His home is gone now -- torn down by the decision of my sister, along with all his things.


I am so sad.  I'll get over it but for now I am just plain sad.  PLEASE don't say "you'll always have his memory" or "it was just a material thing."  It represented all the times we used to sit on his front porch and laugh about how he would move it from spot to spot.  I just so enjoyed having it. 


This year we put in five small bushes as foundation and I purchased a small bunny and a really pretty fairy.  Now I have to take them inside or risk those being taken.  Big sigh. 


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This makes me so sad to hear this.  I am always afraid to put anything of value, whether monetary value or especially sentimental value, in my front yard.  Doesn't say much for our society, does it?

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Please report both incidents to your local police. These "small thefts" turn into larger and larger thefts. Your police department whats to know what is happening in your neighborhood! They need to know so they are able to track incidents; they may have been several. It helps them establish their survellience areas while driving around the community, as well as keep statistics on crime.


Without filing a report, you have not helped yourself, the individual who was tempted by your precious lawn ornaments, or your community. Hopefully, the thief will be caught and your items will be returned.   

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I'm so sorry, people can be just awful. And it seems to be getting worse.

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Likewise, I just don't understand why people steal things. Sometimes the only real value is to the owner.

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This is so sad, just a shame, and shame on the person who took it.


Honestly, I would post a sign where the snail sat.


”To whom it may concern,

The snail you took

belonged to my late Father.

Please return it.”


Would also put up a Wildlife camera where it was not noticeable.

Probably would do no good, but at least I would try.


Also would take a close look at the yards and porches in the neighborhood.

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Sometimes putting up a threatening note will only scare the person away from actually giving it back.


I would even post a sign on my front lawn asking for the return and if I had a picture, I would post that too. Someone might pass by and recognize the object, and who knows. There are good people in this world. There is nothing silly trying anything you think of.


Glad you purchased cameras, but It does not heal the hurt of your precious loss.