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I Had Such Good Intentions This Holiday

To get some baking done and decorating but it all just seems so overwhelming.  I just managed to get all me decorations up and it took me so long dragging it all out and soon I will have to drag it all down and put away away.  I made a pie today but I have so much stuff i purchased with the intent to bake but I really have no desire.  I used to love it all but not so much now.  


Any one else feel this way?

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Re: I Had Such Good Intentions This Holiday

@bluekarner Maybe just let go of the is ok not to not do all the baking or decorate.  Wishing you a wonderful holiday season full or light and loveHeart

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Re: I Had Such Good Intentions This Holiday

Even though I have a lot of decorations, I've given myself permission to not have to use them all each year. Also, each year I cull out some decorations and give away to family or donate. I'm going with the less is more approach.  With the times we're all going through right now its ok not to entertain.  I'm trying to remember the real reason for the season.

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Re: I Had Such Good Intentions This Holiday

@bluekarner   You are not alone., I'm right there with you.  Every year DD & family came for Thanksgiving, got the decorations out, put up the big tree and I would decorate the following week. Last year was alone and put up small tree and some stuff just for me.


This year finally going to DD and have put a few things out but that's it.  The thought of dragging it all out and putting away myself was just to much.  I'll go and have a wonderful Christmas., come home with nothing to put away.  It's not the decorations, it seeing family.  Merry Christmas.

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Re: I Had Such Good Intentions This Holiday

The important things are done this year. People I gift to, charities I support and remembrances for those that have gone before us and are now mostly forgotten.


I have a couple of baking books out. The holidays don't end this weekend. I will get some treats made in the days ahead to enjoy after Christmas. A quiet night with a movie, some hot tea and a few cookies


I'll make cookie dough, double wrap in Saran wrap in a roll and freeze. If you only want a few, slice, thaw and bake.

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Re: I Had Such Good Intentions This Holiday



You're not alone ...I took the butter out about 4x's these past few weeks -- only to put it back with all the ingredients ...every time I go in the fridge I think "oh maybe just sugar cookies"...


So, I have now realized my "expectations" of the Hallmark Christmas are lost😉 -- just kidding, I'm allowing me to relax.


I will bake after the holiday into the New Year - those I gift 

will get enough "goodies" from others and after Christmas will enjoy a treat. 


Yesterday, I did make pineapple upside down cake for a friend as a Christmas treat and he was thrilled.  He called me tonight to again "thank" me because he said that was his mom's favorite thing to bake at holidays.  (That's what makes me enjoy baking)


And Christmas decorating -- well, my son & DIL came mid-December so I "rushed" to get house decorated as we were going to celebrate Christmas.  


After a few days, I said "well do you like the 🎄decorations since you've never been here at the holiday?"  He said "they are nice but the great lasagna dinner w/the garlic bread and antipasto was better!"🙄🙄🙄


I always host a new years open house well this year I'm debating that too.  So forget about "expectations" -- enjoy the holiday your way🙂


Merry Christmas to you & your family🎄

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Re: I Had Such Good Intentions This Holiday

I’m right there with you.  I love the holidays, decorating, gifting and being “ready”.  I put my tree up December 4.  It has garland only.  So, so busy at work and overwhelmed, I never got to the decorations.  I’m giving myself a pass at this point.  Enjoying the lighted tree, but no ornaments.  It’s ok.  At this point, I’m NOT finishing it.  It’s ok.  Love the lights and calmness it gives me.  I just hope I’ve not lost my Christmas spirit.  

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Re: I Had Such Good Intentions This Holiday


There are many of us who feel the same way, it's ok! We start out thinking we can get so much done, but somehow we fizzle out some. Enjoy your decorations, you can bake at some other time. Think positive, at least you got a pie done, give yourself credit!

Merry Christmas to you from me

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Re: I Had Such Good Intentions This Holiday

For some you do it all when the children or grandchildren are home and you enjoy making it wonderful for them.  For people like me it is too much work for the enjoyment I would get and no one else would even see it.  I never minded the decorating but taking it all down and putting it away was torture.  Plus how gloomy it seems when they decorations come down.  As far as baking I would rather go to a store and just buy the stuff rather than all those ingredients that you use so seldom it expires before you use it all.  I am just glad it is about over and traffic will come down.  

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Re: I Had Such Good Intentions This Holiday

This is the first year that I didn't bake. Hubby and I will eat some and then we gain the weight we have to lose in Jan.


After Christmas Day none of my friends or family want any and try to send them home with people to take to work.