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If it were not for my techy son setting everything up for me like his old lap top (which is fast as bleep), my newest smart phone, FB and Twitter which I don't use and have had access to for years, I just would not bother. I like being able to work the electronics, but it doesn't rule my life like it does most people. 

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I'm certainly far from a techie, but I do try to keep up.  


My typing really improved when I began using a Selectric in secretarial school (remember those??) way back in 1973 ADWoman LOL


My first "computer" was a Wang. 


As we moved onto big "butt" computers, I remember having people come in to teach us how to use outlook,powerpoint and excel.  And we were expected to use them immediately.  I was given a cellphone at work so that my boss could reach me whenever.  In those early days, it cost a bundle to make a call.  


When I worked at the school, I had a boss who was young enough to be my son.  And I really had to get with it as he was all techie.  We communicated by texts; I learned all aspects of Google, Google Classroom as we shared all our work.


Same with my family - with teenage nephews, everything was a text.  I remember one time my sister & BIL were away, my younger nephew was home alone (he was about 19).  I would call him everyday, and he would text me back.  By day 4, I said to him CALL ME.  I WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE.  A kidnapper could have been texting me back for all I know!


I did one thing the other day that I am very proud of.  When I moved into my new place, I purchased the wrong router/modem.  So Comcast gave me one.  $13/month, but if I return within first month, no rental fee.  So I ordered one on Amazon and I hooked it up myself!  I could not get my laptop to hook up wirelessly.  I didn't want to call anyone where I would have to pay them.  I sweated, but I got it all hooked up!  This old as dirt gal did it!  Yay!!Woman Tongue

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Hi @Shanus 


No worries!  It's kind of sad that there's still many people (I suppose mostly senior citizens) that feel forced into using these devices.  It's important for medical, etc. reasons to be able to communicate with the professionals or just to have for emergencies.  That was our main reason we decided to get cell phones years ago - for emergencies.


I'm 63 & still can't be bothered with Facebook, twitter, snapchat or any other social media.  


QVC's the only site that I post on.  None of the others interest me in the least.  Just about everyone I know uses Facebook.  But I'm just not comfortable nor trust them.  You learn about peoples' personal info being released, etc.  


Go out & have yourself a nice day tomorrow ...   Smiley Wink

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@Shanus wrote:

@Boomernichols wrote:

@Shanus  You are a hoot!   I still use a flip phone and get teased about it on a regular basis.  I truly do not care as it suits my needs.  I too do not do instagram, facebook, periscope or any other social network, only the q forum where I enjoy the company of you all.



@Boomernichols   Periscope? That’s a new one on me. Let me add that to my list. Never even heard of it. 

I am 45 and I don't use Periscope (it is part of Twitter, which I don't use either).  It is Twitter's version of Facebook Live.   

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I know I'm old ... when I do something dumb like this:


Image result for funny typing on computer using return

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