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Re: How many of you have a 'best friend'?

I have some good friends - but none I'd consider my 'best' friend.  I find that it's safer for my heart if I don't become to close with anyone.

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Re: How many of you have a 'best friend'?

The person I would consider my best friend passed away 5 years ago.  She was a little older than me but we had a 25 year friendship.  I still miss her. 

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Re: How many of you have a 'best friend'?


@ID2 wrote:

I had, who I thought was a good friend, until about 2 months ago. She posted something on Facebook and got all bent out of shape because I didn't "like" it. She called me and reemed me out. I apologized and I thought we made amends. I haven't heard from her since. Her dh even unfriended me on Facebook. Maybe I'm missing something but they are really acting juvenile. Geez its FACEBOOK. Who cares. 


Facebook is ridiculous.  It is not real life.  Maybe she’ll come around and realize how childish she is being.

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Re: How many of you have a 'best friend'?

I have had a best friend for 15 years.  She is the best!  Even though we live within 5 miles of each other, she still works , has a family, and I am retired.  We get together occasionally and for holidays.   We do two road trips or vacations per year, one being just a weekend. 


I am so lucky to have her in my life!  ❤️

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Re: How many of you have a 'best friend'?

@bonnielu, My husband is my best friend, too!   Female "so called best friends" are a dime a dozen!

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Re: How many of you have a 'best friend'?

My best friend for years was my sister-in-law. Her name is Pam. My brother died and we remained close for several years until she remarried....still keep in touch, though. My very best friend of many years was named Pam, too. She had a best friend from school  whose name is also Pam. It so happened that her friend from school moved next door to me, so then we three became the best of friends. We had several years as best friends until 9 years ago when one died.....the one that was not my neighbor. That was one of the saddest days of our lives, but my neighbor and I still remained best friends. 

 Then a few years after that, I got a new neighbor on the other side of me! Would you believe her name is also PAM!! We three are the best of friends, too. I guess it was meant for me to have "Pams" for my best friends!!😂

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Re: How many of you have a 'best friend'?

@San Antonio Gal wrote:

I've lived in my present loctation for a year now and I don't have any female friends to hang out with.  I would love to have a best friend in this area.


I don't consider DH to be a best friend as he does not enjoy doing girl type things such as shoppping or going to see Rick Springfield (when he was here in my area).  I've seen women take their husbands with them shopping and the husband just stands there looking bored and out of place.  



I said in an earlier post that I consider my mom to be my best friend, but sometimes I would like to have a good friend or two that lived nearby  around my age to do stuff with occasionally on my days off.  I work such odd schedules that when I do get friendly with people, they stop asking me to go out to do things because I'm always away working.

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Re: How many of you have a 'best friend'?

I have friends, but no one person that I can trust not to "share" things with others.


Years ago, I shared something personal..  About a year later we were discussing something similar and she said .... "know what XXX said about that?"    My reply was "you told him?"  


She's still a friend but never again will I discuss personal things with her.  I'm working to redeem her!

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Re: How many of you have a 'best friend'?

I did.  We met in 5th grade and stayed close for almost 40 years.  I lost my best friend two years ago to cancer and miss her everyday.  There will never be another gal like her.

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Re: How many of you have a 'best friend'?

@Jinlei   I’m sorry you lost your friend. Old friends are different than new, and now you are the only one with those memories!

  I had two good friends from High School we would meet for lunch every few months and celebrate birthdays. 

   One friend had a hip replacement and it was never good. She was using a walker the last time we did lunch. Shortly after that she fell and hit her head. They did surgery to release pressure but she didn’t survive. That was several years ago. 

   I still lunch with the other friend who was my best friend in school. We even have the same name, different spelling! 

   I have two other friends and we do lunch several times a week. We’ve traveled together, and help each other.

   Good friends are jewels!