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Derwent & Prismacolor have quality pencils that are reasonably priced. I recently gifted the Prismacolor Mixed Media set to a friend getting back into drawing after an accident, it has a nice mix of pencils. 

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What a great idea! I might go to an art store where staff can give you some guidance. It might be more expensive but those people know their stuff as many are artists themselves. 

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Did actually say that he WANTS to take up artwork again?  I was into writing short stories when I was in high school and I was good.  It's not something I would want to do now.  Also there's difference between drawing and painting.  Did he draw with pencils?  Charcoal?  If he wants to get back into have to know what "it" is.  

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Drawing is different from painting, so be sure he really does have an interest in painting first.   Google "art stores" in your area, to see if you can get some advice locally.

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If he hasn't drawn since he was in school and is getting ready to retire, that's how many years ago?


I'd buy him a sketch pad and a box of colored pencils and see how it goes.  

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@sue311   He may not be ready until after he's retired and has more time to play.  I did a lot of drawing and painting when I was young, but life kind of took over and I haven't done anything in many years as well.  I'm still working full-time, and honesty don't have the time or inspiration at this point.


I have a retired friend about my age that I met at my gym.  He knew I worked at a college and asked me about art classes.  He had worked as a machinist all his life and never had the time or inclination to develop his talent until retirement.  In Ohio we have a program for 60+ where they can attend tuition free.  I told him about it and encouraged him to register for a drawing class (everyone starts with that).  I watched this man progress from drawing to painting to becoming an amazing artist.  He's had many local shows and has sold many paintings.  He spends all his free time on art now, and I feel privileged to have had a small part in it!

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Re: Help with a gift

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Our Michael's stores have art classes as well as shops where you make your own pottery (draw/paint), they fire it and you pick it up finished the following week. Quite satisfying. You may want to google art classes/drawing classes in your area. I know we have an ArtCenter that offers beginning classes. 

If you have doubts he'd attend, give him an IOU for class.

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@CelticCrafter wrote:

If he hasn't drawn since he was in school and is getting ready to retire, that's how many years ago?


I'd buy him a sketch pad and a box of colored pencils and see how it goes.  


I think I might give him something similar, along with a generous gift card.  And I might also plan a day of buying supplies, having lunch or dinner, and doing something else he enjoys.


It's probably best if he chooses what he would like rather than the OP simply guessing or relying on a salesperson who doesn't know her DH.  Only he knows what interests him and how he'd like to fill his time.  It actually might be fun for him to pick out what he wants.  He may not be sure either, and he'll be like a kid in a candy store looking at all of his options.

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@chrystaltree you are so right about its one thing to like it in school, etc. Initally he was puzzled as to why I bought it but the next day its like it got him thinking about the stuff he wants to build and he can start drawing them. Not exactly what I had in mind but luckily I only bought him a sketch pad, pencils and an eraser. Thanks everyone as it was overwhelming inside the store.

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@sue311- A sketch pad, pencils and erasers are a good start.